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Niall Horan Birthday

Niall Horan’s 20th Birthday: 20 Reasons Why The 1D Member Is Sexy

7 months ago 61
Niall Horan isn't a teenager anymore! With an awesome whirlwind of a year for the One Direction stud, I'm celebrating his birthday by giving you 20… Read Article ▶
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Chris Brown Surprising Rihanna

Chris Brown Planning Romantic Birthday Surprise For Rihanna

1 year ago 51
Rihanna may know she's one year older on Feb. 20, but what she doesn't know is that Chris has something extra special to give her. Keep reading to… Read Article ▶
Miley Cyrus Birthday

Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus: Today — November 23 — You’re 20 Years Old

1 year ago 36
Get ready for your big day, Miley! Grab your dancing shoes and best dress because it's sure to be a 'party in the USA!' Miley Cyrus -- you've had… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Lamar Odom. Today, November 6, You’re 33 Years Old.

1 year ago 8
Lamar, we hope you swish your way to 33! Have a bouncin' birthday! Lamar Odom, some people know you for your history with the NBA; LA Clippers, LA… Read Article ▶
Matthew McConaughey Birthday

Happy Birthday, Matthew McConaughey — Today, November 4, You’re 43 Years Old

1 year ago 2
Have a magical birthday, Matthew! Grab your fellow actors and Magic Mike co-stars and have a HOT birthday! (more…) Read Article ▶
Paula DeAnda Birthday

Happy Birthday, Paula DeAnda — Today, November 3, You’re 23 Years Old

1 year ago 2
Get ready for a party, Paula! Grab your dancing shoes and get ready for some fun! Paula DeAnda -- it's your birthday, grab your girlfriends and… Read Article ▶
Nelly Birthday

Happy Birthday, Nelly — Today, November 2, You’re 38 Years Old

1 year ago 3
Have a smokin' hot birthday, Nelly! It's getting hot in here -- that can only mean one thing: must be Nelly's birthday! (more…) Read Article ▶
Toni Collette Birthday

Happy Birthday Toni Collette — Today, November 1, You’re 40 Years Old

1 year ago 1
Have a happy birthday, Toni! Toni Collette -- we know you know what it's like to be "in her shoes," but today is your day. So grab your dancing… Read Article ▶
Willow Smith Birthday

Happy Birthday Willow Smith — Today, October 31, You’re 12 Years Old

1 year ago 8
Willow, whip your hair around today and celebrate your birthday in style! Willow Smith  -- we know your rockin' family knows how to party! So grab… Read Article ▶
Happy Birthday Gavin Rossdale. Today, October 30, You’re 47 Years Old

Happy Birthday Gavin Rossdale. Today, October 30, You’re 47 Years Old

1 year ago 2
Gavin, we hope you have 'no doubts' as you celebrate your birthday! The lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Bush, Gavin Rossdale, is also an… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Winona Ryder. Today, October 29, You’re 41 Years Old

1 year ago 4
Winona, we hope you have a 'beetle' juicy kind-of birthday! Winona Ryder, seems to love acting in the eerie, chilling genre of movies. She is most… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday Julia Roberts — Today, October 28, You’re 45 Years Old

1 year ago 7
We hope that a very 'Pretty Woman' has a fabulous birthday! Julia Roberts, as an Academy Award-winning actress, and one of Hollywood's top box… Read Article ▶
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