Millie Bobby Brown Reacts to Her Viral Cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ at Her Birthday Celebration

Millie Bobby Brown has come a long way since she sang "Imagine" by John Lennon on YouTube at 12 years old.

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Millie Bobby Brown
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Image Credit: un Sato/WireImage

Millie Bobby Brown got a reminder about her viral “Imagine” performance during her 20th birthday celebration. In a clip that was shared to social media on February 21, the Stranger Things star watched a video of when she infamously sang John Lennon‘s song “Imagine” for her YouTube channel at age 12. Millie, who has much longer hair than she did back then, stood in front of the screen with a birthday hat on and laughed about the performance from eight years ago. The footage from Millie’s birthday party appeared to be taken by her fiancé Jake Bongiovi, who could be heard laughing along with the actress, and told her to “turn around” so he could see her reaction. Millie had a giant smile on her face as the video ended.

Millie filmed the “Imagine” video right around the time that she began her role on Stranger Things, which premiered on Netflix in 2016, and made Millie a worldwide star. Four years later, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Millie’s viral video resurfaced when it ended up being shared on Gal Gadots ‘s Instagram Stories. The Wonder Woman actress recruited a bunch of celebrities to sing the song while the world was in lockdown, and after fans began filming their own “Imagine” covers, Gal posted them on her Instagram Stories. Gal seemingly didn’t realize that one of the videos she shared was actually Millie’s! In response, Millie recorded another “Imagine” cover and posted it on TikTok, with the caption, “…k bye xx.”

Millie celebrated her 20th birthday at the Cathédrale Restaurant in New York. She shared an Instagram post with photos from the birthday bash on Feb. 21. The first photo featured Millie wearing a white strapless mini dress and posing with her white cake that read “Twenty.” In another photo, the Enola Holmes star sweetly rested her head on Jake, 21. “the best time 🤍,” Millie wrote in her caption.

Jake, who is rocker Jon Bon Jovi‘s son, shared a sweet tribute to his future wife on her birthday. “Happy birthday, my beautiful fiancé I love you so much. Big year ahead,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the couple embracing. Jake and Millie got engaged in April 2023 after less than two years of dating.

Millie prefers to keep the details of her relationship with Jake private, including the plans of their upcoming wedding. “I feel it’s important to keep those things, those small precious moments in life, really close to your chest,” she told Women’s Wear Daily last summer. “It’s so fun and it’s such an exciting time in my life.”