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‘KUWTK’ Recap: Kris Jenner Slams Caitlyn — She Can Go ‘F***’ Herself

2 days ago 8
Kris Jenner was completely devastated with Caitlyn Jenner's infamous 'Vanity Fair' came out last spring. The Karadshian momager revealed how livid… Read Article ▶
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Khloe Kardashian Mad At Caitlyn Jenner

‘KUWTK’: Khloe Kardashian Blasts Caitlyn Jenner For Bashing Kris — Watch

3 days ago 6
Oh dear, Khloe is NOT happy with Caitlyn Jenner! On the Oct. 4 episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians,' Khloe Kardashian gets totally defensive… Read Article ▶
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KUWTK Kylie Jenner Faints

‘KUWTK’: Kylie Jenner Nearly Faints On Red Carpet When Asked About Bruce’s Transition

1 week ago 4
Kylie Jenner was super upset on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards because she felt like Kendall ditched her and she was stuck having to… Read Article ▶
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‘KUWTK’: Kendall Jenner Reveals It’s Hard ‘Letting Go’ Of Bruce — Watch

2 weeks ago 1
Aw, this one will get ya in the feels. In a sneak peek for the new episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians,' Kendall Jenner admits that 'letting… Read Article ▶
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‘KUWTK’ Recap: Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kylie Jenner A B**ch

2 weeks ago 11
Whoa! Who knew Kourtney Kardashian had such beef with Kylie Jenner?! It turns out Kylie is ignoring Kourtney and won't even answer her calls! It's a… Read Article ▶
KUWTK Preview

‘KUWTK’: Khloe Kardashian Admits She Still Checks On Lamar Odom — Watch

3 weeks ago 3
Khloe Kardashian just can't let go. 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' returns to E! on Sept. 20, and Kim catches her sister trying to check up on… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of E!

Rob Kardashian Drops 15 Lbs: Prepping For A Major Comeback

4 weeks ago 1
Watch out, y'all: Rob Kardashian is bouncing back! Following a period of reclusiveness, the sole Kardashian son is planning a major comeback-- and… Read Article ▶
image courtesy of Instagram

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Romance ‘Main Theme’ On New Season Of ‘KUWTK’

4 weeks ago 5
The new season of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' will have plenty of excitement and romance, thanks to Kylie Jenner and Tyga!… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Vevo
Kim Kardashian Filming Birth

Kim Kardashian Wants The Birth Of Her New Baby Son Filmed

1 month ago 3
The birth of Kim Kardashian's daughter North West wasn't filmed for her reality show. But will the newest addition to her family make it on to… Read Article ▶
Courtesy E!
Kylie Jenner Tyga KUWTK Ratings

Kris Jenner Thinks Kylie & Tyga Romance Will Give ‘KUWTK’ Highest Ratings Ever

2 months ago 8
Kris Jenner is absolutely thrilled about Kylie's relationship -- but not for the reasons you might think. The media mastermind believes the young… Read Article ▶
Courtesy Slash

North West Will Appear Much More On ‘KUWTK’ Next Season

2 months ago 1
Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian fam [minus Rob Kardashian] are in St. Barths filming for 'KUWTK' and guess who is also finally allowed to be… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram
Kris Jenner Worried KUWTK Over

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Over?: Kris Jenner Panicked About Shows Future

2 months ago 20
Are people really losing interest in 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'? Reports have surfaced that the show is near its end, and this is making Kris… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of E!
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