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Ryan Ross: Panic! At The Disco Lead Guitarist Joining One Direction?

Thu, March 26, 2015 7:36pm EDT by 2 Comments

Legions of One Directions fans remain in tears over the news that Zayn Malik left the group. Now rumors are running wild that the band already found his replacement in former Panic! at the Disco guitarist, Ryan Ross! How did the Directioners take this ‘news?’ Hint: Not well.

As millions of One Direction fans mourn the departure of Zayn Malik, 22, from the group, someone decided to “break the news” that the band already found Zayn’s replacement. And the Directioners were shocked! Not only that their band had so quickly found someone to take Zayn’s place, but that it would be former Panic! at the Disco member Ryan Ross! Did 1D really find their newest member?

Ryan Ross In One Direction: Hoax About Panic! At The Disco Singer Leaves Fans Outraged

Don’t worry Directioners — it was all a hoax. While 1D’s fans were distraught with the loss of one key member of the band, someone decided to have a little fun and play a joke on them. With a quick edit of the One Direction Wikipedia page, the band suddenly had a new member with Ryan Ross, former guitarist for the pop rock/emo group, Panic! at the Disco. The alteration to the 1D page caused quite an uproar:

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Clearly, not everyone knew that Ryan was a part of Panic! at the Disco until he left the band in 2009. He started up a short lived band, The Young Veins, before it went on hiatus. He’s been pursuing music ever since, but not by joining One Direction. Thankfully, Ryan had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Zayn Malik Quits One Direction: Fans React With Sad Memes — Pics

Thankfully, in spite of this cruel prank, there was plenty of support for 1D fans with broken hearts. Fans flocked to the internet to produce image memes to be shared as a way for distraught Directioners to convalesce and get over their sorrow. These were heartfelt expressions of depression, frustration at hope with the loss of someone important to them. Hopefully, this helped them feel better.

What do you think about this hoax, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Ryan should consider auditioning for One Direction anyway?

— Jason Brow