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Kourtney Kardashian Butt workout

Try Kourtney Kardashian’s 2-Step Butt Workout For A Booty Like Hers Before Summer

1 day ago 0
Kourtney Kardashian and her toned booty are quicking rising up the ranks in the Kardashian family! The eldest sister showed off her best body ever on… Read Article ▶
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Mama June And Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear Regrets Losing Mama June After Seeing Her ‘Baywatch’ Babe Pics

3 weeks ago 2
What is Sugar Bear's number one regret in life? Losing Mama June, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. The remarried reality star can't stop… Read Article ▶
Get Over Weight Loss Plateau

You’ve Hit A Weight Loss Plateau — Here Are 3 Ways To Get Over It: Expert Tips

1 month ago 1
Losing weight can be so satisfying and empowering, but obviously, the more you lose, the harder it becomes to shed those stubborn 5 pounds before you… Read Article ▶
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easy food swaps

9 Easy & Painless Food Swaps To Lose 10 Pounds Like I Did

2 months ago 0
Dieting and losing weight can be really hard, but little things make a big difference. Tiny swaps of just 100 calories can help you shed weight in… Read Article ▶
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Does Sculpsure Work?

I Lost Inches Of Ab Fat With A New, 25-Minute Procedure — You Can, Too

4 months ago 1
If you have stomach and midriff fat that refuses to budge no matter how much you workout or diet, then you might want to try a new, non-invasive… Read Article ▶
9 Foods That Make You Skinny: Shop Snacks To Lose Weight

9 Foods That Make You Skinny: Shop Snacks To Lose Weight

1 year ago 0
Dieting isn't easy, which is why it's so important to have healthy snacks on hand for when those 2pm cravings come around — you know, that time of… Read Article ▶

Mariah Carey Debuts Her Slim Post-Babies Body — She Gave Birth Only Two Months Ago!

6 years ago 4
The new mommy showed off her postpartum figure while out in NYC with her trainers on July 6. She looks amazing -- go Mariah! It's been a little over… Read Article ▶
Khloe Kardashian Lost 10 Pounds — Here's How She Did It!

Khloe Kardashian Lost 10 Pounds — Here's How She Did It!

6 years ago 10
Khloe Kardashian is looking slim and fit! Best of all, she did it the healthy way! Go, Khloe! Khloe Kardsahian is looking and feeling awesome -- just… Read Article ▶

Exclusive! Paris Hilton Reveals “How I Lost 10 Pounds In 3 Months…I'm Really Happy”….Take That, Haters!

6 years ago 8
Paris Hilton has a new reality TV show—and a new body! She tells that she's loving her new, fab physique, now that's she's shed… Read Article ▶

Kirstie Alley Gained 12 Pounds Back After 'DWTS' — A Fitness Expert Reveals How To Keep The Weight Off!

6 years ago 1
There are plenty of ways to shed the pounds off for good  -- we've got some great tips! Kirstie Alley has allegedly gained 12 pounds back since the… Read Article ▶
kirstie alley, weight loss

Kirstie Alley Has Lost 38 Inches Since Starting 'Dancing With The Stars!'

6 years ago 21
Kirstie Alley looks totally different now than when she began 'Dancing with the Stars' a couple months ago. She says her body has changed so much… Read Article ▶

Jennifer Hudson: When I Was Fat, I Couldn't Get The Roles I Wanted!

6 years ago 19
Now that Jennifer is a skinny mini, she says she's getting tons more job opportunities -- 'I was being discriminated against.' BFFs, is Hollywood… Read Article ▶
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WOW! Check Out Raven's Hot New Makeover!

6 years ago 3
Raven's all-grown-up! This Disney star upgraded her hair & downgraded her dress-size! Lookin' good! It looks like Raven-Symoné is dropping the… Read Article ▶
Getty Images

Bethenny Frankel Says Spinning Classes Make You Fat! Really??

6 years ago 5
Shockingly, the experts agree with her! Should you stop spinning? It makes sense that exercising too much might make you so hungry that you end up… Read Article ▶

Jennifer Hudson Reveals To Oprah How She Lost 80 Pounds!

6 years ago 12
[gallery] The singer has great tips for fans who want to slim down too! Jennifer Hudson flaunted her newly-trim figure on the Feb. 10 episode of The… Read Article ▶
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