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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton Reveals Her Diet Amid Ongoing Weight Loss Transformation

In addition to proudly showing off the latest results of her weight loss journey, Tammy Slaton clapped back at the criticism of her use of filters on social media.

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Tammy Slaton
Image Credit: TLC

Tammy Slaton, 37, returned to Instagram after a one-month break and showed off her weight loss transformation. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star shared a series of selfies in a post from September 27 to celebrate the weight she’s lost since getting bariatric surgery last summer. In the comments section, a fan asked Tammy for tips to lose weight. Tammy responded, “Oh, you [eat] proteins, low carbs, no sugars, no pop, portion control,” according to People.

Tammy also defended herself against trolls who’ve criticized the reality star for using filters in the past. While highlighting a fan comment that read, “Stop the filters. What do you actually look like???,” Tammy posted a close-up video selfie and said, “This is what I really look like. Okay? Have a nice day baby.”

In a second video, Tammy took off her glasses to show off her full face to her nearly 600K Instagram followers. “Me. No filters,” she said. Tammy got a ton of support for her latest weight loss updates from her fans, one of whom called her an “inspiration” for being so open about her journey.

Tammy last showed off her weight loss on August 25 before she took a month off from Instagram. She posted a full-length mirror selfie and embraced her slimmed-down body. Earlier in the summer, Tammy shared another full-body selfie of herself in a white floral dress. The TLC star has been impressing fans with her weight loss results after she reached 717 pounds, her heaviest weight, at the end of 2021. Due to being so overweight, Tammy was placed in medical-induced coma because she stopped breathing.

After entering rehab in 2022, Tammy worked on dropping to 550 pounds so she could qualify for weight loss surgery. She wound up dropping to 534.7 pounds, and had bariatric surgery in the summer of 2022. “I wised up and got my surgery,” Tammy told People in June 2023. “I was able to make my lungs strong enough to get my trach [tracheostomy tube for breathing] out, and then recently the doctor cleared me to be off my oxygen machine during the daytime.”

Since the surgery, Tammy has changed her habits and has attempted to live a healthier life, specifically by eating better, as she described to her fans in her latest Instagram update. “I’m feeling great! I’m thankful to be alive, and it’s fun to be progressing as much as I am,” she said in the People interview.