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Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Goes ‘Three Days Without Eating’ After Losing 30 Pounds from Ozempic

Sharon Osbourne explained the effects that taking Ozempic has on her appetite during a candid conversation with her son, Jack Osbourne.

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Sharon Osbourne
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Sharon Osbourne, 70, revealed she’s developed a serious lack of appetite as a result of taking Ozempic to lose weight. The former reality star, who has lost 30 pounds from the type 2 diabetes drug, admitted on her family podcast, The Osbournes, that she sometimes go several days without eating, according to Daily Mail, who obtained the episode early on September 27.

Sharon and her son, Jack Osbourne, 37, were discussing how everyone in society would have “breakdowns” if they didn’t eat for nine meals in a row. “That’s three days of breakfast, lunch and dinner. That goes away for people, they go three days without eating, they will murder each other, their neighbors, everything,” Jack said.

“God, I do that every week,” Sharon confessed to Jack and their podcast guest, Jason Kennedy. “At least three days without eating,” she added. Jason told Sharon that she’s doing “intermittent fasting,” though studies prove that her lack of appetite is a direct result of taking Ozempic.

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne has lost weight from Ozempic (Photo: S Meddle/ITV/Shutterstock)

Sharon confirmed that she’s on Ozempic which has helped her lose the majority of the 40 pounds she’s shed during her appearance on Piers Morgan‘s show on September 20. “I’ve lost 42 pounds and it’s just enough,” she said. “It’s just time to stop. I didn’t actually want to go this thin, but it just happened. I’ll probably put it all on again soon.”

As for her experience taking Ozempic, Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife explained that the drug made her feel “nauseous” nonstop for over two weeks. “You get very thirsty and you don’t want to eat,” Sharon said. “That’s why I keep saying you’ve got to keep this stuff away from younger people because they will go berserk on it and it’s not right.”

In an interview with E! News on September 6, Sharon defended her decision to take Ozempic to lose weight. “Whatever you choose is up to you,” she said. “It’s not a dirty little secret when you’ve taken something to help you lose weight, which is perfectly fine.” She continued, “I’m at the point of losing too much that I have to try and maintain.”