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Dean Cain Threatens Michael Moore After ‘American Sniper’ Controversy

Wed, January 21, 2015 1:36pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments
Dean Cain Threatens Michael Moore
Courtesy of Twitter

If there’s one person you don’t want to mess with, it’s Superman. Dean Cain took to Twitter on Jan. 19 to join in on the ‘American Sniper’ discussion after Michael Moore and Seth Rogen both tweeted very controversial opinions — and Dean decided to put his foot down.

The release of American Sniper definitely is causing quite a bit of talk. The movie, based on Chris Kyle‘s autobiography of his time in the Iraq war, portrays the soldier as an American hero — but Michael Moore tweeted that “snipers” were “cowards,” and Seth Rogen compared the film to Inglorious Bastards. While both have explained their tweets, there’s no excuse in Dean Cain‘s eyes, who was a personal friend of Chris’, and is now tweeting out very loud messages.

Dean Cain Threatens Michael Moore

Dean met Chris when the two partnered up for NBC’s reality show, Stars Earn Stripes. And afterward, the two stayed extremely close, so it was no surprise that he’s been very vocal on social media about the film.

Director Michael Moore’s tweets got him in hot water after referring to snipers as “cowards.” He later claimed he wasn’t talking about the film, but many don’t buy it — especially with Michael’s loud voice. Dean was one of them — and he wasn’t happy.

Additionally, Seth Rogen’s tweets weren’t something Dean was okay with either.

Seth did tweet afterward that he wasn’t saying anything wrong bad about Chris or this film. “I just said something ‘kinda reminded’ me of something else. I actually liked American Sniper. It just reminded me of the Tarantino scene. I wasn’t comparing the two. Big difference between comparing and reminding. Apples remind me of oranges. Can’t compare them, though,” he wrote.

Well, we can’t blame Dean for sticking up for his friends — after all, he is Superman. Whose side are you on?

— Emily Longeretta