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Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2023: All The Star-Studded Ads You Missed (Or Should See Again)

Super Bowl LVII is in the books, but to those who missed some of the commercials – or those who want to see a naked Anna Faris or a singing Melissa McCartney one more time --  here's a recap.

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Some people tune into the Super Bowl for the hard-hitting action. Some watch the Halftime show. Others enjoy the commercials. The Super Bowl has become the advert Coachella, with big names partnering with bigger brands for hilarious 30-second spots that always seem to overshadow the game itself. In 2023, Super Bowl LVII (Feb. 12) promises to have some of the most star-studded, outrageous, and memorable commercials in years.

The cost of a Super Bowl LVII commercial hasn’t been revealed, but Variety reported that Fox had sold several ads “north of $7 million.” Variety also reports that “clients who are buying multiple spots or who have a deep relationship with the network might have discussed deals that called for ads to be priced between $6 million and $7 million.” NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVI in 2022 generated around $434.5 million, so it’s possible that this year will top that.

With all that said, here’s a running list of some of the celebrity Super Bowl commercials.

Avocados From Mexico (Anna Faris)

What if, along with a talking snake with an apple, the Garden of Eden had a talking groundhog with an avocado? Anna Faris finds out in Avocados From Mexico’s commercial.

BIC EZ REACH (Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart)

Willie Nelson gets caught red-handed with Snoop Dogg‘s BIC EZ Reach Lighter (and Martha Stewart‘s “herb-scented” candle) in this pre-Super Bowl ad. (Melissa McCartney)

Melissa McCarthy books herself a vacation — and hopefully, also books herself a gig on Broadway — in’s musical commercial for Super Bowl LVII. Click here for more info, including the extended spot.

Budweiser (Metro Boomin, Kevin Bacon)

Kevin Bacon narrates a Budweiser commercial that takes that “Six Degrees of Separation” concept and turns it into a “Six Pack of Separation,” proving that hard workers like Metro Boomin are not that far removed from others out there grinding for a better tomorrow. This Bud’s for them.

Bud Light (Miles Teller, Keleigh Sperry)

When Miles Teller‘s wife, Keleigh Sperry, gets caught in hold-music purgatory, he — along with some Bud Light — offers an enjoyable distraction in the beer’s Super Bowl LVII commercial.

Bush Light (Sarah McLachlan)

Warning: have tissues nearby. Sarah McLachlan, the divine voice behind the “Angel” song that has accompanied commercials about helping animals in need, makes a surprise appearance in Bush Light’s Super Bowl Commercial. 

Crown Royal (Dave Grohl)

“Blame Canada?” Dave Grohl wants you to “Thank Canada” in Crown Royal’s commercial for Super Bowl LVII. In addition to making Crown Royal, Canada has given the world peanut butter, basketball, electric wheelchairs, Devin Townsend, and more comedy legend than you can shake a glass of Crown Royal whisky at.

Dexcom (Nick Jonas)

Nick Jonas shows that you don’t need magic to manage your diabetes. The Jonas Brothers singer shows how easy it is with the Dexcom G7 in the new Super Bowl Commercial. 

Doritos (Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott, Elton John)

Remember how flutes were all the rage when it came to hip-hop? Jack Harlow tries to get ahead of the curve (or, in this case, angle) in Doritos’ Super Bowl Commercial featuring Missy Elliott and a surprise Elton John cameo.

DoorDash (Chefs!)

Raekwon the Chef, Tiny Chef, and Matty Matheson (an actual chef and producer of The Bear) appear in DoorDash’s commercial advertising how you can get groceries now through the service.

Downy (Danny McBride)

Downy had a celebrity hide their appearance behind a hoodie in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. The celeb said they would smell the fabric to make sure that Downy Unstopables kept clothes fresh for 12 weeks. After the time was up, the celeb — Danny McBride — was convinced and, in Downy’s Super Bowl Commercial, adopted the name “Downy McBride.”


Ben Affleck got to live out his coffee-colored dreams in Dunkin’s commercial for Super Bowl LVII. His wife, Jennifer Lopez, makes a cameo and practically wins the night.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

After bringing the “baby dolphin energy,” Jennifer Coolidge gets stuck on e.l.f. Cosmetic’s new line of Power Grip Primer in the brand’s first Super Bowl Commercial.

GM x Netflix (Will Ferrell)

Corporate synergy was never so hilarious as in the joint GM and Netflix Super Bowl commercial. Will Ferrell shares how Netflix is doing its part to raise the profile of electric vehicles (EV), specifically the ones that GM is producing, in a commercial that drives through Army of the Dead, Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Squid Games, and more Netflix shows/movies.

Google Pixel 7 (Amy Schumer, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Doja Cat)

Google Pixel has already established its edge in the phone market with its Real Tone technology. Still, as seen in the Google Pixel 7 Super Bowl Commercial, its new Unblur and Magic Eraser features might make even the ardent iPhone supporter switch. Amy Schumer, Doja Cat, and Giannis Antetokounmpo help demonstrate the phone’s features, from saving selfies to removing noxious ex-boyfriends.

Hellmann’s (Jon Hamm, Brie Larson, Pete Davidson)

In what will CERTAINLY become a meme, Pete Davidson says he will eat Jon Hamm and Brie Larson. Actually, with the help of Hellmann’s mayo, Pete turns leftover ham and brie into a tasty panini. The Super Bowl Commercial is part of Hellmann’s campaign to reduce food waste in America, showing how mayo can help turn leftovers into lunch.


M&M’S handed the reigns over to Maya Rudolph following the Tucker Carlson-sized drama over the M&M’s “spokecandies” not being sexy enough. Maya renamed the candies Ma&Ya’s, put her face on the snacks, and decided that the world needed “Candy Coated Clam Bites.” Shortly afterward, the “spokescandies” were back, and M&M’s were back to being what we all know and love.

McDonald’s (Cardi B & Offset)

Love is knowing your partner’s McDonald’s order. Cardi B and Offset joint a handful of other couples to talk about what they’d get at McDonald’s in the restaurant’s sweet Super Bowl LVII commercial.

Michelob Ultra (Serena Williams, Brian Cox, Alex Morgan, Tony Romo, & More)

Michelob Ultra revisits Caddyshack in its commercial for Super Bowl LVII. The spot features Serena Williams, Brian CoxAlex MorganTony RomoJimmy Butler, Nneka Ogwumike, and Canelo Alvarez. Brian spoke to HollywoodLife about his involvement in the piece, as did Alex.

Netflix (Natasha Lyonne)

Natasha Lyonne portrays her Poker Face character in Netflix’s commercial for Super Bowl LVII.

Paramount+ (The Stallones)

Sylvester Stallone and his daughters, Sophia, Scarlet, and Sistine, appear in Paramount+’s commercial for Super Bowl LVII, along with the other stars of the shows you can find on the streaming service.

Pepsi Zero Sugar (Steve Martin, Ben Stiller)

Both Ben Stiller and Steve Martin partnered with Pepsi Zero Sugar for the Super Bowl, producing two commercials that showcase the power of — ACTING! In Ben’s case, his commercial brought back Zoolander.


Jeffrey Ross and a panel of comedians roast Mr. Peanut in the Planters’ Super Bowl commercial. Mr. Peanut even gets in a good shot at the end.

Pringles (Meghan Trainor)

Meghan Trainor has been doing  TikTok dances for two — so she needs some snacks. After appearing in a preview for Pringles’ Super Bowl commercial (where she gets stuck in the can, which is relatable), Megan announced she’s not going to drink during this Super Bowl because she’s expecting her second child with her husband, Daryl Sabara. The full ad dropped, showing that getting stuck happens to the best of us.

Popcorners (Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Raymond Cruz)

Bryan Cranston is back as Walter White, and he’s not alone. Aaron Paul is Jesse Pinkman in Popcorner’s Breaking Bad commercial. Raymond Cruz also reprises his role from the groundbreaking television show, and he told HollywoodLife why it’s hard for him to bring Tuco back.

Rakuten (Alicia Silverstone, Elisa Donovan)

The 90s Revival is in full swing when Alicia Silverstone reprises Cher from Clueless for Rakuten’s Super Bowl Commercial. Elisa Donovan, who also revisits her Amber in the commercial, told HollywoodLife how she had to rewatch the original movie to prep for the Big Game spot. 

Rémy Martin

Serena Williams channeled Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday in Rémy Martin’s first Super Bowl commercial. Somehow, Serena makes the speech even more epic.

Skechers (Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Tony Romo, Howie Long)

Snoop Dogg proves how easy it is to run the world when you’re in comfortable shoes. Snoop ultimately ends up in the White House, with Martha Stewart as his VP.

Squarespace (Adam Driver)

Adam Driver (and Adam Driver, Adam Driver, Adam Driver, and Adam Driver) star in a Squarespace commercial about a website that makes websites. It’s the singularity! The Adam-pocalypse!

T-Mobile (John Travolta, Zach Braff, Donalad Faison)

John Travolta moves into the neighborhood with Zach Braff and Donald Faison, resulting in a Grease-themed celebration of T-Moble’s wireless home internet in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl Commercial.

T-Mobile (Bradley Cooper & His Mom)

Bradley Cooper makes his Super Bowl Commercial debut alongside his mother for T-Mobile. At least, they try to.

Uber One (Diddy, Montell Jordan, Donna Lewis, Kelis, Ylvis, & Haddaway)

Diddy don’t do jingles. He does make a hit song for Uber One in their Super Bowl Commercial.

Workday (Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, Gary Clark Jr.)

When all the “corporate types” start calling each other “rockstars,” real rockstars — Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and Gary Clark Jr. — take umbrage in Workday’s Super Bowl Commercial.