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Jennifer Lopez Catches Ben Affleck Working At Dunkin’ In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

Who's that working the Dunkin' drive-thru? It's none other than Ben Affleck, who stars in Dunkin's first Super Bowl commercial. Though, Jennifer Lopez doesn't seem too happy to see her man cheating on her with Dunkin'. Uh-oh.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Karen Dudley/MEGA

“America Runs on Dunkin’,” as the saying goes, and one of the brand’s most loyal customers was ready to help refill up the tank. Ben Affleck – who grew up a short 34 minutes away from the original Dunkin’ Donuts shop, still operational in Quincy, Massachusetts – got to live out his coffee-colored donut dreams in Dunkin’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Ben doesn’t seem to get a handle on the job, as he ends up handing out free orders. When people recognize Ben at the drive-thru, some are shocked. Others are disappointed. One person – Jennifer Lopez – is shocked to see Ben there. “Is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?” she asks before demanding he gets in the car. “And get me a glazed!” she shouts.

Earlier in January, social media posts showed Ben working at the drive-thru at a Dunkin in Medford, MA, about fifteen miles north of Quincy. During his tenure behind the counter, Ben handed out orders while dressed in an employee’s uniform. In footage shared online (and re-shared by Bennifer fan accounts), J.Lo walked in wearing a white puffer coat with her order in hand.

One of the customers Ben waited on told NBC10 Boston that Affleck was “hilarious and quick-witted,” meaning that if this acting/directing gig doesn’t work out, he has an excellent career to fall back upon.

(Courtesy of Karen Dudley/MEGA)

While it was known that Ben was filming a commercial, it wasn’t clear that this spot would air during the Super Bowl. However, Dunkin’ posted a preview that heavily hinted they were teaming with the Dogma star for their Big Game debut. “Something’s BEN Brewing,” the brand posted to its Instagram on Feb. 6. People later confirmed that Ben’s spot would be for the Super Bowl, and that his wife would also be a part of this commercial. Another teaser showed Ben reverting to a Mass accent, adding the random H in “partner” when taking a Dunkin’ order.

The first Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant is still in operation in Quincy. During World War II, William Rosenberg, then a shipyard worker, noticed that there weren’t many places for him and his fellow workers to get a decent lunch, according to Atlas Obscura. After borrowing $1,000 and using another $1,500, he opened up “Industrial Luncheon Services” to sell sandwiches, coffee, doughnuts, and other snacks from a truck.

After noticing that half of his sales were coffee and donuts, he opened up a location at 5434 Southern Artery and called it “Open Kettle.” William saw that his customers dunked their donuts in their coffee, so he renamed the shoo Dunkin’ Donuts in 1950. So, 2025 will mark seventy-five years of “Dunkin’ Donuts,” though 2023 marks seventy-five years since William Rosenberg took the first steps in making a brand that has become synonymous with mornings, coffee, and – of course – Ben Affleck. And donuts. Don’t forget the donuts.