Bradley Cooper Shoots A T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad With His Mother & It Gets Shady Over His Oscars Losses

Bradley Cooper may be a beloved actor, but to Gloria Campano, he's just his little boy – and Bradley's mother reminds him of that in one of T-Mobile's commercials for Super Bowl LVII.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of T-Mobile

The premise is simple, as T-Mobile’s spokesperson says at the start of the commercial they released on Super Bowl Sunday. Get Bradley Cooper, a T-Mobile salesperson, to set up his mother, Gloria Campano, on “America’s Largest 5G Network.” It doesn’t go as planned, of course. “How can I help you?” asks Bradley, to which his mother replies, “I don’t like the way you look.” Bradley cracks up, and it just gets looser and wilder from there. After all the attempts at getting the commercial down, Bradley — who will root for the Eagles tonight — tells Gloria, “I think I know what I’m doing. I’ve been nominated [for an Academy Award] nine times.” “Yeah, but you never won any,” said his mother, and they both had to laugh at that.

The interaction between Bradley and his mother is reason enough to search out the extended cut of the commercial. She refers to it as “G-Mobile,” and Bradley directs his mother to “try it again.” Gloria isn’t having it. “You look like a flamingo in this,” she says as she straightens out her son’s shirt. Together, they go over the line (“America’s Largest 5G Network”), and Bradley tries to get the commercial started. But Gloria breaks character and laughs all the time. “You’re making me crazy!”

(Courtesy of T-Mobile)

“And what does Price Lock Guarantee mean?” Gloria reads off of the teleprompter. If he could respond, Bradley would read that it means that “T-Mobile will never raise your rates for talk, text, and data.” (Exclusions like taxes and fees apply. Guarantees regular monthly rate plan price of current on-network talk, text, and data for new accounts with qualifying service.) However, Bradley directs his mother to talk to him instead of looking at the teleprompter. ”

Well, I have one eye there and one eye THERE.” While T-Mobile didn’t get the commercial they wanted, they got one that might win the Super Bowl for authenticity – and hilarity.

This is the second ad that T-Mobile will run during the Super Bowl LVII. The first spot saw John Travolta move in next to Zach Braff and Donald Faison. Together, the three bust out a case of “Summer Nights,” giving viewers a Grease-themed celebration of T-Mobile’s home internet. Travolta even hits a high note at the end, giving the total Danny Zuko fantasy.