Raekwon, Matty Matheson & Tiny Chef Get Groceries In DoorDash’s Super Bowl Commercial

DoorDash does groceries now, and to help out, the service recruits Nickelodeon's Tiny Chef, celebrity chef Matty Matheson, and Raekwon The Chef to make sure you get the freshest food possible.

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Image Credit: Doordash

With the world adapting to this post-2020 landscape, delivery services that used to drop off your food now can pick up your groceries. So, how do you know you’re getting the best products? For DoorDash, whose commercial for the Big Game advertises their new service, they enlisted some culinary “masters.” As one DoorDash worker looks at some produce, Matty Matheson – actual chef, producer of The Bear, and host of It’s Suppertime on Viceland – shows up. “They ordered pineapple. Got to smell the butt to know if it’s ripe,” he says.

Then, in scampers Tiny Chef, the stop-motion star of the Nickelodeon cooking shot. After colliding with a watermelon, he shouts, “Hear that noise? Means it’s ripe.” Cut to the dairy aisle, where Raekwon – aka Raekwon the Chef of the Wu-Tang Clan – gives some hints. “Freshest cream’s always in the back,” he says. “Because cream rules everything around…” says the DoorDasher, much to the “C.R.E.A.M.” rapper’s chagrin. The three chefs then argue about beans – baked, jelly, or pinto. The DoorDasher says that the customer wanted “fava beans.” After picking them up, the quartet is on the move.

“If DoorDash can be the trusted delivery platform for their Pad Thai dinner, consumers can trust us with their flat noodles, soy sauce, scallions and the on-the-go stain remover for that inevitable sauce spill, too,” the company captioned the commercial on YouTube.


The commercial was created by DoorDash’s agency of record, The Martin Agency, and DoorDash’s in-house creative studio, Superette, per AdAge. When asked, David Bornoff, DoorDash’s head of brand marketing, did not specify when, exactly, the spot will air in the Big Game.

“We try to prioritize our channels and our buys based on what the message is that we have to say; and introducing grocery is a huge moment for us,” Bornoff told AdAge. “And what bigger audience can you find than the Super Bowl? .. Now’s the time for people to think about DoorDash as a place that they can come to get their groceries delivered, not just their restaurants.”

Ahead of the Super Bowl, DoorDash announced that it expanded its partnership with Roku to be “the exclusive marketplace ad solution for its U.S. restaurants and grocers that want to buy interactive shoppable ads on” the connected TV company, per AdWeek. DoorDash can place a “unique, click-to-order offer within an ad it buys on Roku.”

“Streaming and delivery just go together, which is why we’re making it easier than ever for Roku users to order their favorite food right from their TV,” Gidon Katz, president of consumer experience at Roku, said in a statement. “Just in time for the Big Game, we’re bringing consumers and marketers the same leading scale, data and tech that have made buying a new device or signing up for a service simple and delightful.”