Adam Driver Gets A Little Too Meta & Causes The Singularity In Squarespace’s Super Bowl Ad

Sometimes, a thought is so heavy it results in the universe collapsing in on itself. Such is the reality that Adam Driver creates in Squarespace's commercial for Super Bowl LVII.

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Image Credit: Squarespace

Can an omnipotent god create a rock so heavy that even they can’t lift it? If you replace every brick in a building with a new brick, is it the same building? If you use a website to make a website, have you created an infinite amount of websites? The latter of which is what perplexes Adam Driver as he gazes upon Squarespace in wonderment and fear of the limitless potential. The commercial, which will air during Super Bowl LVII, sees the Star Wars actor dip a little bit into The Matrix, a little bit into 2001: A Space Odyssey, and a bit into the underrated 1996 Michael Keaton feature, Multiplicity.

“Websites making websites,” says Adam as he replicates himself, becoming an infinite Adam Driver. At once, the singularity – or the theoretical point in time when technological advancement outpaces human development, creating a chain reaction of artificial superintelligence or the melding of man and machine into one – happens. Or a black hole opens. It’s not really clear, but Adam’s proud of what he did. “You did it, Adam Driver,” he says to himself…or himselves.


Directed by award-winning filmmaker Aoife McArdle (who probably should be given a budget to make a film adaptation of an Ursula K. Le Guin or J.G. Ballard property), the extended version of the ad includes some more BladeRunner­-esque atmosphere, which worked exceptionally well with Adam Driver’s otherworldly delivery. “I couldn’t be happier to do this commercial with Squarespace and for the Super Bowl,” said Adam Driver in a press release. “The cast ALONE was reason to do this.”


“We are thrilled to be back at the big game for our ninth year,” said Anthony Casalena, Founder & CEO of Squarespace. “Partnering with Adam Driver to satirize our origin is a fun way to honor where we’ve been as a company. While we started off as a website that builds websites, Squarespace has evolved into a powerful platform that provides all of the tools entrepreneurs need to turn an idea into reality and start a thriving business online.”

In a preview of the video, Adam Driver sat down with Adam Driver, Adam Driver, and Adam Driver to talk about the commercial. When asked about how it was working with Adam Driver, an Adam Driver said it was “great” because he didn’t like “any other actors, so the idea that I can act with myself for the first time, I can control the pace of the set…” The preview was giving The Parent Trap and showed the many facets of Adam Driver….because there were about three dozen of him.