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‘American Sniper’ Fake Baby: Real Reason They Had To Use Plastic Doll

Tue, January 20, 2015 10:02pm EDT by Chris Rogers 6 Comments

‘American Sniper’ was the highest grossing movie at the box office this past weekend, which is an amazing achievement, but the only thing moviegoers have been talking about is the fake baby that was used in a scene with Bradley Cooper! Thankfully, the plastic doll has finally been explained.

Bradley Cooper and his American Sniper co-star, Sienna Miller, tried really hard to make a plastic doll look like a real baby on screen, but many critics pointed out the fake. To be honest, it was hard to miss. Because of this, a script writer revealed why they used a fake baby for the movie.

‘American Sniper’ Fake Baby Explained — Why They Used Plastic Doll In Movie

“Hate to ruin the fun but real baby #1 showed up with a fever,” script writer Jason Hall recently tweeted.

“Real baby #2 was no show. (Clint voice) Gimme the doll, kid,” Jason added in a message published by The Hollywood Reporter.

The fake baby was used in at least two scenes. The most notable moment came when Chris (Bradley Cooper) and Taya (Sienna Miller) talk about him leaving the family and returning to war. (Watch the video above!)

In another scene, when Chris and Tanya welcomed their baby boy into the world, the fake is also pretty obvious.

Critics Poke Fun At Fake Baby In Reviews

Critics actually poked fun at the prop in a number of reviews.

“I get so distracted by the baby… the entire rest of the scene, that’s all I can look at,” reviewer Drew McWeeny wrote on HitFix. “Neither one of them looks like they are comfortable holding it. Cooper in particular looks like he’s just plain never held a baby.”

Well, at least someone explained the situation. Next time we watch the movie, we’ll just pretend it never happened.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Did you notice a fake baby was used in American Sniper? If so, were you upset? Tell us how you feel!

— Chris Rogers