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Before working at, Chris was an Editor at and Babble Media in NYC. It was there that Chris began his career as a journalist and conducted interviews with celebrities such as Harry Connick, Jr., Alyson Hannigan and Darren Criss. When not writing celebrity news, Chris is unapologetically (no Rihanna pun intended) planted on his couch watching everything from Grey’s Anatomy to Pretty Little Liars to The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Chris interned at Atlas Media Corp. and graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Communications. He grew up in Northwest New Jersey.

Rob Kardashian On Kim Rolling Stone Interview

Rob Kardashian ‘Furious’ With Kim Over ‘Weed’ & ‘Meth’ Comments

19 hours ago 7
Rob Kardashian is allegedly pissed off at his sister, Kim Kardashian, after she joked to 'Rolling Stone' that he'd be 'skinny' if he was using meth… Read Article ▶

Jim Webb Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign

1 day ago 0
Another day, another candidate. Jim Webb, a former one-term senator from Virginia and Navy secretary, announced his campaign to run in the 2016… Read Article ▶

Demi Lovato Lashes Out At Critics: My New Song Is Not A Katy Perry Rip-Off

2 days ago 0
So Demi Lovato released her new song, 'Cool For The Summer,' on July 1 and it's everything we hoped it'd be and more, but certain critics have… Read Article ▶
Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Regretting Divorce Decision

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Why They’re Both Having Regrets Over Divorce Decision

2 days ago 3
Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner already regretting their decision to get a divorce? 'Their feelings are all over the place,'… Read Article ▶
Brandi Glanville Calls RHOBH Costars C-Word

Brandi Glanville Calls Her ‘RHOBH’ Costars The ‘C-Word’ On Howard Stern

2 days ago 2
Brandi Glanville is furious at her former 'RHOBH' costars for claiming she was fired from the show. During an interview with Howard Stern on July 1… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Bravo
Miley Cyrus Dating Stella Maxwell

Miley Cyrus: Why Her Religious Parents Are ‘Happy’ She’s Dating Stella Maxwell

2 days ago 3
This is amazing news. Miley Cyrus' parents may be devoutly religious, but they're totally fine with their daughter dating a female. In fact, Tish and… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram/Getty

Bobbi Kristina Brown Accused Nick Gordon Of Choking & Hitting Her In Face Before Accident

2 days ago 8
So heartbreaking. Now that Bobbi Kristina Brown is barely clinging onto life, one of her best friends has stepped forward, saying Nick Gordon abused… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram
Hank Baskett Transgender Affair Truth

Hank Baskett: Transgender Woman ‘Fondled’ Him Against His Will, Night He ‘Cheated’

2 days ago 0
So shocking! Hank Baskett finally decided to come clean about his 'affair.' The former NFL player claims he 'froze' when the transgendered model, he… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram/Getty Images

‘Scream’ Trailer: MTV Teases Scary & Sexy First Season With Explosive Video

3 days ago 2
We were already excited about MTV's 'Scream,' but after watching the extended trailer for the entire first season, we've officially become obsessed… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV

‘Scream’ Recap: A Brutal Murder Opens A Window To Lakewood’s Troubled Past

3 days ago 0
On the June 30 series premiere of 'Scream,' we're told that 'you can't do a slasher movie as a TV series,' but it seems like MTV is going to try… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of MTV

‘RHONY’ Recap: Sonja Freaks Out After She’s Called An Alcoholic

3 days ago 0
Woof. When Ramona tells Sonja that the other women think she's an alcoholic, she loses her s***. Sonja reaches her breaking point and lashes out at… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Bravo
Marc Jacobs Nude Pic

Marc Jacobs Accidentally Posts Nude Pic — Fans Freak Out

3 days ago 1
Fashion designer Marc Jacobs may have quickly deleted his nude pic off Instagram after accidentally posting it, but it was up long enough for fans to… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram/Getty
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