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Kate Hudson’s 3 Kids: Everything to Know About Her Adorable Children & Their Fathers

Kate Hudson is a powerhouse entrepreneur and award-winning actress, but also a loving mom to her three beautiful children. Find out all about them!

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Kate Hudson is a force to be reckoned with as an Academy Award-nominated actress, self-made entrepreneur and best-selling author. She’s also a loving and doting mother to three, wonderful children who range in age from 5 to 20 years old. Over the years, life has certainly imitated art for Kate, 44, as she’s been romantically linked to rock stars of iconic bands – just like her character Penny Lane from 2000’s Almost Famous which earned her a Golden Globe award – and those relationships have expanded her family in beautiful ways.

The multi-hyphenate mom often gushes about how proud she is of her kids and their accomplishments – big or small – on social media every chance she gets. Birthdays are a big deal to Kate and tributes to her kids on their special days overflow with affection and admiration of just how fast they’re growing up before her eyes. “My role as a mother to my beautiful children is my most important – and there isn’t a thing I would not do for my family,” Kate said in a caption of a photo with her kids and their grandmother slash iconic actress Goldie Hawn. Clearly, it’s no secret how much Kate adores her kids. Let’s meet Kate’s children and their rocker fathers!

Ryder Russell Robinson

Before Kate went on to become a romantic comedy legend, she married The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson in December 2000. The couple welcomed Ryder Russell Robinson on January 7, 2004. Though the pair split just three years later in October 2007, Ryder has grown up to be a great big brother to his two younger siblings. “My loving, warm hearted, hilarious, considerate, unruffled, loyal, resilient son…you got this. You’re gonna have one wonderful adulthood if you stay this course cause you’re solid gold. Here we are, in the 18th year of your life and I got one more year to help you brush those wings so they’re ready to take off. I’m gonna soak in every moment!,” the actress said in Ryder’s birthday post this year. The teenager also takes after his famous dad with a keen interest in music, as seen in Instagram photos of him playing the electric guitar.

Bingham Hawn Bellamy

Fast forward seven years later to 2011, when Kate and Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy welcomed their son Bingham Hawn Bellamy, on July 9. Kate and Matt started dating in 2010 and were engaged a year later, but eventually split in December 2014, when Bingham was just a toddler. Despite the break-up, Kate has maintained a good relationship with Matt as they co-parent their 10-year old son together.  “More than anything he takes on life and experiences like a champ. Pushes through his fears so he can get the most out of everything. My middle boy I love him so. I hope you join me in sending big birthday love to Bingo!!!,” Kate said in a birthday post for her second-oldest son. The Fabletics founder frequently laments over how hard it can be to get all three of her children together in photos — as any mom would! — but when the moment does happen, the pictures are worth a thousand words.

Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa

Youngest member of the Hudson family bunch is five-year-old Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa. The littlest tyke was born on October 2, 2018. Rani Rose comes from Kate’s current relationship with her fiancé, musician Danny Fujikawa, who played guitar for the California-based band Chief before they disbanded in 2011.

“She’s sings on key and dances like she’s attached to the earth. She speaks so loud I could hear her a block away. She loves to put lotion on everything and watching her delicately wash my mother’s hands yesterday was like seeing nature at its grandest and most empathetic. Rani Rose has graced our world for 2 years today! I relish in every moment. Happy Birthday to my little girl!” Kate said of Rani for her birthday in 2020. And as you can see, Rani Rose is quite the firecracker and fashionista — just like mom! Rani is very loved by her two older brothers, as seen on both Kate’s and Ryder’s Instagram pages.

In a 2019 interview with AOL, Kate admitted it had been different and fun to pick out clothes for her mini-me Rani, who looks more and more like her famous mom as she grows. “It’s very different from the boys, and it’s really fun to actually want to buy kids’ clothes,” she said at the time. “With the boys it was just like onesies … actually, I did pretty good with the boys,” she laughed. “But with her it’s a whole other ball game. There’s some stuff that I’m like, ‘I can’t do that to her, because it’s so over-the-top.’”