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Blake Lively Gossip Girl Memes

Blake Lively Shares Hilarious & Epic ‘Gossip Girl’ Memes — Pics

2 weeks ago 2
The 'Gossip Girl' legacy continues! Real life Queen B Blake couldn't resist sharing some hilarious memes of herself and her former 'Gossip Girl'… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram

‘Gossip Girl’ Reunion: See Which Cast Members Got Together Again

1 month ago 0
OMG, you guys! There was a real-life 'Gossip Girl' reunion and our hearts are basically going to explode. Check out the adorable pic… Read Article ▶
The CW
Matthew Settle Kelly Rutherford Dating

‘Gossip Girl': Kelly Rutherford & Matthew Settle Dating? Fans Freak Out

1 month ago 2
We're going to need a minute. Kelly and Matthew (aka Lily and Rufus) may be a real-life couple, and 'Gossip Girl' fans everywhere are loving that… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Twitter
Gossip Girl Reunion Leighton Meester

‘Gossip Girl’ Reunion? — Fans Freak Out Over Leighton Meester Interview

3 months ago 3
'Gossip Girl' is still one of the most talked about series finales, especially after it left us with tons of questions. So is there any hope for a… Read Article ▶
Gossip Girl Reunion

‘Gossip Girl’ Reunion: Is It Happening? — Ed Westwick Interview

3 months ago 15
It's been exactly two years since we said goodbye to 'Gossip Girl'. Needless to say, we're missing our Upper East Siders. spoke… Read Article ▶
Gossip Girl On Extra

‘Extra’ Revives ‘Gossip Girl’ For Special Celebrity Scoop Segment

2 years ago 0
Gossip Girl is back -- and this time, "she" is shifting her sights from the Upper East Side to Hollywood! If you thought Gossip Girl's legacy ended… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Alloy Entertainment
Gossip Girl Ending

‘Gossip Girl': Was The Right Person Chosen To Be Gossip Girl?

2 years ago 0's biggest 'Gossip Girl' fans Eleanore Hutch and Katrina Mitzeliotis discuss the epic ending of the CW hit, and they chat about the… Read Article ▶
Gossip Girl Identity

‘Gossip Girl’ Finale: Fans React To Gossip Girl’s Identity

2 years ago 1
It was the moment we've waited six seasons for, as Gossip Girl's identity was finally revealed to us on Dec. 17. And fans were divided over who was… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of the CW
Gossip Girl Finale Song

‘Gossip Girl’ Series Finale Pays Homage To ‘Sex And The City’

2 years ago 4
The use of the song 'You've Got The Love' in the final scene of 'Gossip Girl's' series finale reminded me of the final scene of 'Sex and the City'… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CW, HBO
Chuck Blair Son Gossip Girl

‘Gossip Girl’ Finale: Meet Chuck & Blair’s Son Henry

2 years ago 11
During the epic series finale of 'Gossip Girl,' through the cheers, tears and jaw-dropping moments, we got a glimpse at Chuck and Blair's future… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of the CW
Gossip Girl Wedding

‘Gossip Girl’ Finale: Blair & Serena’s Wedding Dresses Revealed

2 years ago 7
The highly-anticipated finale of the hit television series, 'Gossip Girl,' left viewers on the edges of their seats with not one, but two weddings… Read Article ▶
Gossip Girl Last Episode

‘Gossip Girl’ Series Finale Gave Us The Happy Endings Everyone Deserved

2 years ago 12
After years of drama, the final episode neatly wrapped up 'Chair,' 'Dair' & the rest of the 'Gossip Girl' crew's complicated histories. Few TV shows… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of The CW
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