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Charlotte Rae Smiling

‘The Facts Of Life’ Star Charlotte Rae, 91, Diagnosed With Bone Cancer: Her Difficult Decision

4 weeks ago 1
This is so sad! Charlotte Rae, the beloved actress who played Edna Garrett on 'The Facts Of Life', revealed that she's been diagnosed with bone… Read Article ▶
Best Bald Dad Award

‘Best Bald Dad’ Award: Father Gets Head Tattoo To Match Son’s Cancer Scar — Pic

11 months ago 1
This is absolutely beautiful! To help combat his son's self-consciousness due to cancer, a brave father not only shaved his head, but got a TATTOO on… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Twitter
Dan Haggerty Cancer

Dan Haggerty Cancer Of The Spine: 5 Things To Know About His Terminal Diagnosis

1 year ago 5
Heartbreaking! Actor Dan Haggerty sadly passed away from his long battle with cancer Jan. 15. The distressing news of his death, caused by spine… Read Article ▶
tommy chong rectal cancer

Tommy Chong, Half Of ‘Cheech & Chong,’ Diagnosed With Rectal Cancer

2 years ago 1
Oh no! Tommy Chong, the 'Chong' part of the legendary stoner comedy duo, Cheech & Chong, has revealed that he's batting cancer again. This time, the… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of Paramount Pics/Getty Images

Cell Phone Use DOES NOT Increase Kids' Cancer Risk, New Study Proves!

6 years ago 0
According to a study of patients aged seven to 19, children who use mobile devices are at no greater risk of developing brain cancer than those who… Read Article ▶
David Beckham Visits Sick Kids In New York — He Really Is Superdad!

David Beckham Visits Sick Kids In New York — He Really Is Superdad!

6 years ago 1
The dad of four took time out of his day to hang out with young patients at the Big Apple's New York Presbyterian Hospital on July 25. When he's not… Read Article ▶

'Twilight' Star Peter Facinelli Wants To Turn YOU Into a Vampire! And It's All For A Kids Charity!

6 years ago 0
The movie vampire is asking 'Twilight' fans to help him raise $50,000 for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation! In return, he'll convert you from a… Read Article ▶

Are You Exposing Your Baby To Cancer Chemicals?

6 years ago 0
Scientists have found cancer-causing chemicals in baby car seats, carriers and changing mats! The terrifying findings mean we could be… Read Article ▶

Dying Mom, 25: Her Lessons In Life For The Daughter She's Leaving Behind. Heartbreaking!

6 years ago 0
When Katrina Hobbs was told she had just months to live, her first thought was her daughter Ella, and preparing the 3-year-old for a life without… Read Article ▶

UPDATE: Ina Garten Will Meet The Boy With Cancer After Initial Snub!

6 years ago 3
After several criticisms, the Barefoot Contessa has invited 6-year-old Enzo to cook with her on set of her show. After six-year-old Enzo was… Read Article ▶

Facebook Saved This 4-Year-Old Boy’s Life! Incredible Story.

6 years ago 1
Philip Rice was worried about a rash on his 4-year-old son's face, so he posted a photo on Facebook—and it saved the boy's life. Thanks to his dad's… Read Article ▶

Chloe Says: I Was A Cancer Now I'm A Gemini?! My Life Has Been A Lie!

6 years ago 20
News that the zodiac changed Jan. 13 caused an uproar in the lives of millions of horoscope believers: Khloe Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica… Read Article ▶

Michael Douglas' Brave Children Watched Him Undergo Painful Cancer Treatments!

6 years ago 0
The actor's two kids actually stood by his bedside as he was blasted with radiation therapy and pumped with powerful chemotherapy drugs! What a… Read Article ▶

Michael Douglas Has Most Likely Beaten Cancer — His Tumor Is Gone! Amazing News!

6 years ago 0
The actor sits down with Matt Lauer to share the good news that he appears to be cancer free! Michael Douglas has revealed that after a grueling… Read Article ▶

Michael Douglas' Daughter, Carys, Is Taking Care Of Him — She's Making Him Smoothies So He'll Gain Weight!

7 years ago 1
Carys Douglas is only 7 years old but she's stepping up to the plate and taking care of her daddy, Michael, as he battles cancer. Michael Douglas is… Read Article ▶
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