Riley Keough Finally Reveals When Her Daughter With Husband Ben-Smith Petersen Was Born

Nearly one month after the release of 'Daisy Jones & The Six', Lisa Marie Presley's daughter, Riley Keough, revealed when she gave birth to her daughter during a new interview on Mar. 29.

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riley keough confirms baby birth
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Proud momma! Riley Keough, 33, had a rare conversation with Interview Magazine on Wednesday, in which she opened up about her new show Daisy Jones & The Six and confirmed when she welcomed her daughter! The daughter of the late Lisa Marie Presley was asked if, after her brother, Benjamin Keough‘s death in July 2020 was when she became a mom, to which she corrected the timeline. “I’ve never talked about this in an interview. Do you want the exclusive? It’s going to go viral,” she quipped. “I became a mother in 2022.”

riley keough confirms baby birth
Riley Keough & her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, welcomed their daughter in 2022. (BUZZIPPER / LA.GOSSIPTV / Backgrid)

Although the exact date of when she welcomed her daughter with her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, was not revealed, US Weekly previously reported that the baby’s birth was confirmed on Jan. 22, 2023. This was also about 10 days after her mother’s tragic passing. As many know, the daughter of the music legend, Elvis Presley, died after suffering from cardiac arrest on Jan. 12. Lisa welcomed her daughter Riley and her late son, Benjamin, with her first husbandDanny Keough.

During the interview, the brunette beauty also chatted about growing up as part of the famous Presley family. “One cool thing about being Elvis’ granddaughter is a lot of our family history is very firmly documented,” she explained to the outlet. “And I was just somebody who was totally obsessed with heritage and where my family came from. And we have so much of it in archives and it’s so cool to have all of this information that other people found.” When the reported joked and asked if that was the “one cool thing”, Riley quipped, “That’s the one cool thing. There’s a few other cool things. But so, my dad’s side of the family — I love that this is just turned into a 23andMe interview.”

Later, Riley talked about her her mom, who was also a musician, influenced her own talents. “Well, I played piano by ear when I was really young. I would come home from school and we had a grand piano and I would learn songs. So I have a musical ear, but I did one lesson and I was like, ‘I hate this. I don’t like being told what to do.’ So, at the beginning it felt like a challenge,” she said. “And that’s how the audition process felt to me too, because I know that for this [Daisy Jones], a large part of the audition process was singing. So they were kind of like, ‘You can act, but we need you to sing.’ That’s why it wasn’t offensive when they said, ‘Can you read?’ Because it was a very specific thing, where you had to be able to not just sing, but belt, and project, and sing loudly. So, I really just took it as a challenge. I like things that are hard.”

Riley’s new series premiered on Amazon Prime on Mar. 3, and also stars Sam Claflin, actress Suki WaterhouseCamila Morrone, and more. Earlier this month, the mom-of-one also opened up about filming a sex scene with her husband, who played a one night stand on the show. “The cameo came about because I have to have intercourse with a random person in the show, and the producers were like, ‘It would be so funny if it was your husband,’” she told TV host Seth Meyers on Mar. 2. “It was more awkward! I think they were thinking it would be less awkward, and then we got there and they’re like, ‘This is really uncomfortable.’”

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