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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: The Remaining 7 Couples Decide Where They Stand Before Final Rose Ceremony

On part one of the 'Bachelor in Paradise' finale, seven couples had to make a decision about whether they wanted to get engaged, break up or leave the show dating.

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Part one of the season 8 Bachelor in Paradise finale began with a breakup, as Kate Gallivan dumped Logan Palmer in front of everyone at the rose ceremony. The other seven remaining women accepted roses from their guys, bringing them to the last week in Mexico. The next day, they all had a big decision to make about the fates of their relationships.

Some couples decided to stick it out and spend time in the fantasy suite ahead of a possible engagement at the final rose ceremony. Others made the choice to leave the show in a relationship, without taking that next step just yet. Unfortunately, some relationships also ended right then and there. Here’s a rundown of how all the final couples fared:

Brandon Jones & Serene Russell — Fantasy Suite

brandon jones serene russell
Brandon and Serene on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (ABC)

It was no surprise to anybody that Brandon Jones and Serene Russell were ready to take the next step. They’d already been talking about a future together for weeks, and opted to stay together and spend the night in the fantasy suite. Before spending the night together, though, they professed their love to one another on-camera during a dinner date.

“I’m so glad I found you in my life,” Brandon said. “At first, I really thought I was cursed, especially going through that whole season with Michelle [Young] and putting my all into someone I thought it was going to be. Now, I’m realizing sometimes you don’t know the answer why. All you need to do is just look and see it’s been right in front of you the whole time.”

Serena was blushing as she responded, “I’m really so appreciative of how you trust me with your heart and how you decided that it’s worth it to open up to me and pursue this with me,” she shared. “Even though you’ve been let down before and been so hurt before. When we got separated [during split week], I trusted you the entire time. I don’t even have a second thought in my mind that this isn’t going to work out. It’s not scary at all. I’ve never been so in love with someone and it’s because of who you are and the things you do for me. i know that this is the real deal.”

Victoria Fuller & Johnny DePhillipo — Fantasy Suite

johnny dephillipo victoria fuller
Johnny and Victoria on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (ABC)

Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo hit a bit of a road block during split week this season, but once she chose him over Alex Bordyukov, their relationship has been as strong as ever. While Victoria has been adamant about wanting an engagement and to start a family, though, Johnny has been a bit more hesitant. They decided to spend the night in the fantasy suite to have their most important conversations yet off-camera.

On their dinner date, Johnny and Victoria both reiterated some of the fears that they had voiced to one another earlier this season. She opened up about her fear of abandonment, while he got even deeper about never feeling worthy enough. “When I tell you that I love you and I’ve never felt this way about anyone ever, I wouldn’t just say that to anybody,” Victoria assured him. “You are enough. Everything about you is enough If you don’t see it, I definitely do and that’s why I can see myself marrying you.”

Victoria confirmed that she was 100 percent ready to get engaged, but Johnny was admittedly still scared. “The first thing you said to me is that there’s no pressure from you, and I’m not one to fold,” he told Victoria. “This is a huge deal. It’s a big deal for me and I’m not just going to do it just because you say you want to. i’m going to take my time to reflect. I feel like engagement and things like this…I don’t know if you’re ever ready.’

Victoria was a “little heartbroken” after hearing Johnny’s confession, and knew she had to have a “serious talk” with him once the cameras were gone. We’ll have to wait until part two of the finale to see whether they go through with the engagement, though!

Michael Allio & Danielle Maltby — Left In A Relationship

michael allio danielle maltby
Michael and Danielle on a one-on-one date. (ABC)

Perhaps the most beloved couple in Paradise, Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby thrilled viewers when they decided to leave the beach in a committed relationship. Since Michael has a son, James, these two knew they had a lot more to figure out before actually getting engaged. Their shared history of losing their partners, though, helped them connect on a level that was unmatched.

Michael told Danielle that he was “excited” for the moment that she would meet James for the first time. “Our losses are very different,” Danielle shared. “I can’t look back on mine and say that it was this beautiful, safe, happy, amazing relationship, and I know when you look back on yours with Laura, it was an incredible love. Just know that I respect that and I honor it.” Michael assured Danielle that his late wife would have loved her.

“The one thing I know for sure is that love is unpredictable,” Michael gushed. “I didn’t realize how much I was missing that until I came to Paradise and met Danielle. I’m excited to see how she interacts with Jams. She will be a wonderful addition to our family.”

Brittany Galvin & Tyler Norris — Left In A Relationship

brittany galvin tyler norris
Brittany and Tyler at a rose ceremony. (ABC)

Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris have been going strong with zero drama since they got together during split week. Going into their pre-final rose ceremony conversation, though, they hadn’t said “I love you” yet. However, he wasted no time telling her just that on the beach during their final day in Paradise. Brittany reciprocated the feelings.

The two weren’t quite ready for an engagement yet, though. “I can see us outside of this,” Tyler confirmed. “I want this so much. Am I ready to get engaged right away? No. But in the future? Yes. I see that with you. Why don’t we get out of here? Go to Chicago? Meet moms? I’m excited for life outside of here with you and to start our journey together.”

Brittany was “absolutely” down for it, and gushed that Tyler was her “person.” They left the beach as a couple with excitement about the future.

Aaron Clancy & Genevieve Parisi — Split

genevieve parisi aaron clancy
Genevieve and Aaron at a rose ceremony. (ABC)

After weeks of ups and downs, Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi called it quits on the BIP finale. Genevieve was “nervous” going into their conversation, and was stunned when Aaron said he wanted to break up. “I did fall in love with you,” Aaron admitted. “We’ve gone through some ups and downs, as you know, but the main thing I have an issue with is that whenever there’s something wrong, you’ve wanted to leave. You packed your bags and you’ve been on the road. That’s scary for me.”

Aaron taked Genevieve out of leaving Paradise twice after two of their explosive fights on the beach. He told her that he was worried their relationship outside of Paradise would continue to be her walking away during the tough times. “I need to have security,” he insisted. “If I’m willing to stick around, I need someone who’s willing to stick around, too. For that reason, I don’t really think I can continue my relationship with you. It’s heartbreaking because I do love you and I always will cherish this time with you. I would not do anything different.”

Genevieve was so stunned that she remained silent. Aaron told her he wished her the best and that she looked beautiful before they parted ways. Once Genevieve had a minute to collect herself, though, she realized she had more to say. “I hate how he turned that on me,” she ranted. “I wish I brought up the fact that he did not mention one thing he did.”

After pulling Aaron aside, Genevieve went off on him for blaming all their issues on her. She asked Aaron why he begged her to stay on the beach if he was so upset when she threatened to leave. “I thought there would be a change,” he claimed. “It’s clear now that we don’t fit together. It will happen again when we’re deeper in love and it will hurt even more. we don’t mesh, obviously.”

The conversation resulted in another back and forth. Genevieve told Aaron that she didn’t think he matured at all since his last time on the show, which offended him. He insisted he wasn’t trying to put the blame all on her and apologized for Genevieve “taking it that way.” They were both extremely unhappy as they left separately. “I was glad she and I spent the summer together and now I’m not,” Aaron scoffed. “Way to ruin that.”

Genevieve said, “I’m very angry at how that ended and how Aaron made it seem like it was all me and he didn’t want to hear my piece of mind. God forbid he’s ever wrong. That little boy. There’s so many things I overlooked because I wanted it to work.”

Shanae Ankney & Joey Young — Split

shanae ankney joey young
Shanae and Joey on a date. (ABC)

Age proved to be a factor for Shanae Ankney when it came to her relationship with 24-year-old Joey Young. Although the two were having fun together in Paradise, she didn’t see it going anywhere in the real world because of their age gap. Joey was stunned by the breakup, though, because he was ready to give things a chance outside Paradise.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Joey wondered. “What is it? I’m kind of confused right now. I thought we were on the same page going into this and I was confident that we’d see what happened after this.”

Shanae told Joey that she was looking for someone more “independent” who wasn’t still living with his parents. “I just feel like I’m your fun, cool aunt,” she admitted. “Not your girlfriend. I’m not looking for someone that continues to be a social media freak with TikToks all over the place. I want a man.” Joey was offended by that, and told Shanae he wasn’t the type of guy she was making him out to be. “You’re bringing up all this stuff that was never brought up before,” he pointed out.

“Maybe I could’ve handled that a little better, but I’m just nervous about his age — 24 to 30 is a big difference,” Shanae admitted, as they parted ways. “I’m looking for a husband, not a TikTok boyfriend.”

Florence Alexandra & Justin Young — Split

florence alexanda justin young
Florence and Justin on a date. (ABC)

Luckily, thing went a lot smoother for Joey’s twin brother, Justin Young. He and Florence Alexandra were both on the same page about not staying together. With her living in Australia, they both knew there was no way it could realistically work. They hugged goodbye and parted on amicable terms.