‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Genevieve Threatens To Leave (Again) After Bizarre Fight With Aaron

Aaron and Genevieve's relationship hit another roadblock on the Nov. 15 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' as they argued over whether 'itching' and 'pain' were the same thing.

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Genevieve Parisi packed her bags and threatened to leave Bachelor in Paradise once again during the Nov. 15 episode. The decision came after she had another fight with Aaron Clancy. Even though the two had previously said they were in love with one another, there were definitely still cracks in the relationship. This argument stemmed from Genevieve telling Aaron that she felt “impatient,” and him urging her not to “stress.” When she insisted she wasn’t “stressed,” she was just “annoyed,” he said they were the “same thing.” Genevieve felt differently, which prompted Aaron to respond, “That’s like saying itching and pain are different.”

This sparked Genevieve and Aaron to start arguing about whether or not itching and pain were the same, as he claimed. When Aaron yelled at Genevieve to “look it up” and not “yell” at him, she got frustrated because she didn’t think she had yelled. “You are raising your voice to me,” Aaron insisted. “Just stop. Okay? You’re good. Have a good night.” Aaron left the conversation at that point, which is what pushed Genevieve to want to leave.

genevieve parisi aaron clancy
Genevieve and Aaron on their date. (ABC)

“That was insane, seriously,” she said. “The fact that he got that mad over the difference between pain and itch…that was the last straw. I did not raise my voice at him. Why would I raise my voice about pain and itching? I’m done. I want to go. Please get me a car. I’ve never had someone disrespect me like that in my life.” She was in tears as she left the resort with her bags to wait for a car to come. Back on the beach, Logan Palmer pointed out to Aaron that the fights he and Genevieve were having were not “healthy.” Everyone else was flabbergasted that the two had such a blowout fight over such a bizarre concept (itching vs. pain).

“Genevieve presses the panic button immediately in any situation,” Aaron complained. “You have to be able to reel it in someones and not lash out and be an unpleasant person to be around. But either way, itching is low level pain. That’s facts.” Of course, this was not the first time that Genevieve threatened to leave, and Aaron once again caught up with her to talk before she did anything rash.

“I will never let anyone speak to me the way you spoke to me,” Genevieve said. “You were screaming and swearing at me. I didn’t raise my voice.” Aaron claimed that Genevieve “screamed” at him first, though. “I tried to make you feel better,” he explained. They continued to go back and forth over who said what and what they each meant. “I’m not trying to argue,” Aaron insisted. “I’m trying to make you feel better like I’ve always done.”

genevive parisi aaron clancy
Genevieve and Aaron at a rose ceremony. (ABC)

The conversation kept coming back to whether or not itching and pain were the same thing as the two talked in circles. When Aaron finally calmly explained why he brought that up, Genevieve pointed out that he could’ve used that approach the first time around. “You said, ‘F***ing look it up, it’s the same f***ing thing,” she told him. They then continued to go back and forth about whether or not Genevieve was “upset” or “impatient,” which she insisted were not the same thing.

Genevieve told Aaron she was upset that he told her to have a “good night” without finishing the conversation, while he was upset that she just decided to leave when things got tough. Finally, Aaron softened up. “I want this to work. I’ve wanted it to work,” he said. “I’ve tried to give you sweet love, tough love if you need it. I try to help anytime I can. I know when you’re not emotional you’re very sweet and you’re very nurturing and there’s a reason I fell in love with you. But when you’re emotional it takes over everything. Feelings get hurt sometimes, but at the end of the day, we both are the same. We are just trying our best out here. We’re both still getting to know each other and I need a little bit of time sometimes. It’s nothing bad about you. I know it’s not the best, but trust me, it will be better for me.”

Aaron promised not to blow Genevieve off next time they were having an argument and assured her he never wanted her to be upset. They ended the conversation by hugging it out and Genevieve decided to stay on the beach. “Falling in love in Paradise definitely comes at a cost,” she said in a confessional. “It seems like it’s all fun and games on a beach and we’re having fun, but it’s all these tough moments that make it very real. It’s never easy. The second you think everything’s going well, something happens to make you question everything.”

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