Kate Gallivan: 5 Things To Know About 1 Of The New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Arrivals

Five new women arrived on the beach during split week on 'Bachelor in Paradise,' including Kate Gallivan, who's already made one connection.

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  • Kate Gallivan is a contestant on season 8 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’
  • She was brought onto the beach during week three and immediately formed a physical connection with Jacob Rapini.
  • Kate was previously a contestant on season 26 of ‘The Bachelor’ with Clayton Echard.

Kate Gallivan is ready to find love on Bachelor in Paradise! The 33-year-old was one of the five new women brought onto the show during split week. The original couples were split up, with the women being taken to a new location, as the men remained on the beach. Kate and four other ladies arrived to see if any of the men had stronger connections with them, as opposed to those who they were originally pursuing.

It didn’t take long for Kate to hit it off with Jacob Rapini, despite his previous connection with Jill Chin. Kate spent a lot of time with Jacob, making out in the hot tub and more on their first day together. Her journey on the show will continue during the Oct. 24 episode. Learn more about Kate below.

1. What Happened To Kate On ‘The Bachelor’?

kate gallivan
Kate Gallivan on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

Kate was a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, season 26. Unfortunately, she did not make it very far on the show. Kate was eliminated during week two after not forming a connection with Clayton early on.

2. Kate Is Connected To ‘Selling Sunset’

Although Kate never appeared in Selling Sunset, she was employed by the Oppenheim Group, which is the real estate agency that’s featured on the show. Kate worked as a real estate agent with the Oppenheim Group beginning in May 2021, according to her LinkedIn. Although her page still says she works at the company, she is not listed as an agent on their website. Before that, she was an agent with Figure 8 Realty for more than five years. Kate also worked as a touring assistant for Creative Artists Agency from Feb. 2015 until Jan. 2016 before pursuing her career in real estate.

3. Where Did Kate Go To College?

Kate attended Middle Tennessee State University from 2007 until 2011. She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Journalism.

4. Kate Dated Harry Styles

No, you are not reading that wrong — Kate actually did go on a date with Harry Styles before appearing on The Bachelor. The date took place in 2014 when Harry was 20 and Kate was 24. She had just moved to Los Angeles at the time and was working at Creative Artists Agency when Harry’s agent set them up. “We went to Petit Ermitage, which is a boutique in West Hollywood,” Kate said. “It was very low-key, no paparazzi. We had the sweetest interaction. He was so engaging and curious about my life and I thought that was cool for a chance of pace. It was really sweet how engaging he was about my story and where I come from. It was so tender. We split fries at one point and I remember thinking how cute it was that I was eating fries with Harry Styles.”

Kate confirmed that she did kiss Harry after the date. Unfortunately, things ended after the one date when Harry went on tour in Europe with One Direction and Kate lost his number. “I had too much to drink one night and shattered my phone,” she explained. “So I crawl into Verizon and I was making, basically, a negative amount of money. They said because I was still on my parents’ plan, if I switched over to my own plan, I would get a free phone. I had to change my phone number. So in my mind, I just tell myself that he’s been relentlessly texting the old number for years. The one that got away!”

5. What Is Kate Looking For In A Partner?

“[Kate] is looking for a nice, motivated mature man with a bit of a flashy side,” Kate’s ABC bio reveals. “He should love a good thrill because Kate’s idea of a romantic date is skydiving. Kate is over dating Hollywood party boys and is ready to finally open her heart to someone ready for something real.”