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‘BIP’: Aaron & Genevieve Tell Each Other They’re ‘Falling In Love’ After A Fight Nearly Causes Her To Leave

Genevieve nearly left 'Bachelor in Paradise' after an explosive fight with Aaron Clancy, but in the end, it allowed them to confess their true feelings for each other.

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Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi took their relationship to the next level on the Nov. 1 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. However, it took them quite a bit to get there. Genevieve was ready to tell Aaron that she was falling in love with him, but couldn’t find the chance. She approached him about how she felt that they hadn’t got enough alone time together because he was hanging out with some of the guys instead. and Aaron quickly got upset that he was made to feel like he was doing something wrong when he didn’t think he was.

Genevieve remained calm and tried to explain that she simply wanted ten minutes alone with Aaron to talk about something. “You can just come to me and ask me to talk,” he insisted. “Just let me know. I would have no idea. You’re not telling me until you get upset.” As the conversation continued, Aaron grew frustrated at how they were “going in circles.” He assured Genevieve that they were on the “same team” and that he wanted things to work between them.

genevieve parisi aaron clancy
Genevieve and Aaron kiss on ‘BIP.’ (ABC)

When they went their separate ways, Genevieve was clearly upset. “All I wanted was to spend some time with him alone,” she explained. “I was trying to tell him that I’m falling in love with you. I shouldn’t have to tell [him] I want ten minutes of alone time. There’s an engagement at the end of this. I shouldn’t have to ask or tell anyone that. I think he’s forgetting this isn’t a bro vacation. I didn’t think he would react the way he did. He wasn’t listening or understanding.”

The back and forth made Genevieve question where she stood with Aaron. “I came here, I opened up, I did everything I could’ve done,” she ranted. “But my gut is telling me that we are not meant or each other and there’s nothing left for me to do to make this relationship work.” She told Victoria Fuller that she was planning on leaving, and although Victoria tried to talk her down, Genevieve’s mind was made up.

She went back to the beach to share her decision with Aaron. However, when she asked him to talk, he hesitated before saying yes, which led to a new slew of issues. “[I hesitated] because I don’t know if it’s the right time,” Aaron explained. “I’m thinking about myself and if it’s the right time for me [to talk]. I know you came out because it was the right time for you, but I’m thinking about the right time for me. It’s two people, it’s not all about one person. Do you understand that? Everything always has to be exactly when you want it.”

genevieve parisi aaron clancy
Genevieve and Aaron during their first one-on-one date. (ABC)

Genevieve stormed off after that and grabbed her bags to leave. She was on her way out when Aaron finally chased after her. Their fight briefly continued, but Aaron eventually broke down. “There are horrible things that happened in my life and I know when the worst day of my life comes I’m going to wish I was back on the beach with you and friends,” he said, fighting back tears. “Why do we have to make this a thing when it’s not? It’s frustrating. I just want to relax and have fun and give you a kiss and play football with the guys. What the f*** is happening? I didn’t need to be like this. And now that it is, I pray that you ahve a great life and I truly wish you the best but I’m not going to threaten my happiness.”

Once they both realized how unhappy they were, Genevieve finally opened up about how she was feeling. “Yesterday I realized I was falling in love with you and that’s why I wanted to have a conversation and some alone time,” she told Aaron. “I wanted you to want to feel the same way and when I brought my emotions to you and you reacted the way you did…it was the way you were talking to me.”

Luckily, Aaron was on the same page. “That’s a big thing and it’s scary,” he admitted. “There’s a lot of really deep feelings I have that are hard to express. You’ve become so close to me and the things you do can deeply hurt me because of how much you mean to me. I’m falling in love with you, too. I don’t want you to leave. It’d be better if you stayed.” In the end, Genevieve did decide to stay, and all was well…for now.