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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Justin Slams Genevieve As ‘Disrespectful’ After She Dumps Him For Aaron

Genevieve Parisi decided to end things with Justin Glaze in order to pursue Aaron Clancy on the Oct. 10 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

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Another love triangle formed on the Oct. 10 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. The episode began with Genevieve Parisi returning from her date with Aaron Clancy after previously accepting Justin Glaze’s rose at the first rose ceremony. She quickly pulled Justin aside to talk. Genevieve went into the conversation knowing she wanted to let Justin down easy because it was his birthday, but she had stronger feelings for Aaron. “I’m shocked at how [the date] went, honestly,” Genevieve admitted. “Aaron is so bro-ey, that’s what I thought, but I just saw another side of him. I think the main thing was that I felt wanted and special and I haven’t felt special or wanted from you.”

Justin was thrown off by Genevieve’s confession, and she began getting frustrated during their conversation. “Just relax, you don’t need to get worked up,” he told her. “This thing doesn’t always go with coming in on day one and you’re with one person from start to finish. Sometimes it is that way and sometimes it’s not. Our route clearly is not that way. I’ve been pulled on a date, you’ve been pulled on a date, but just because of that doesn’t mean that after four days you don’t come back to each other. What I want is to get back to how we were on night one.”

genevieve parisi justin glaze
Genevieve Parisi and Justin Glaze on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (ABC)

Genevieve told Justin that she wanted to sleep on it, but they wound up kissing before finishing their conversation. Meanwhile, Aaron was watching it all go down. “It definitely shakes my trust,” he said in a confessional. “I wouldn’t do that to anyone, but she definitely would do it to me, so I’m pretty disturbed by the behavior. I feel like it’s all unnecessary. I feel like throwing up a little bit. That kind of thing just sucks it out of me and I just want to curl over and die.”

Meanwhile, Genevieve immediately had regrets and she broke down in tears. “I didn’t want to kiss him because I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to kiss him,” she said. “I had such a good time with Aaron. I wasn’t even thinking of Justin. I’m so f***ing confused. I’m just mad at myself for kissing Justin. It never should have happened like that. It’s just wrong in so many ways. I need to talk to [Aaron] and apologize because it’s f***ed up.” She eventually pulled Aaron aside to discuss the situation with him face-to-face.

Genevieve apologized to Aaron and he admitted that he was caught off guard and hurt by what he saw. She got emotional as she admitted that she had no intentions of kissing Justin and regretted doing so. Luckily, Aaron was willing to put the situation behind them because he was feeling very strongly for Genevieve. “I feel mad chemistry and I want you to go to bed worry-free,” he told her. “You’re fine.”

genevieve parisi aaron clancy
Genevieve and Aaron on their date. (ABC)

By the end of the conversation, Genevieve knew her heart was with Aaron. “I am so pleasantly surprised with Aaron,” she gushed. “Now I’m realizing that Aaron is all in. I feel like there’s a weight lifted off my shoulders. I am excited to spend more time with Aaron and see what the future holds for us.” Meanwhile, Aaron was on the same page. “Genevieve and I have a real connection,” he said. “It’s gone better than I hoped. I feel really solid about the future.”

The next day, Genevieve knew she had to end things with Justin for good. At first, she apologized, but tension rose after Justin said he felt like Genevieve was throwing her relationship with Aaron in his face. “I have not felt wanted, special or anything [from you],” Genevieve reiterated. “Everyone wants to feel wanted or pursued and that’s how Aaron makes me feel. It’s weird, I get back form the date, and that’s when you start putting your hands on my leg and actually start trying.”

Genevieve also brought up her previous fears that Salley Carson might come on the beach because she was convinced Justin was interested in her. That’s when Justin got heated. “How quickly did I shut that down?” he asked. “I told you I’m not worried about Salley the slightest bit.” Genevieve made it clear that Justin still didn’t live up to her standards when it came to how he showed affection.

“I think there’s just a totally different level of expectations,” he admitted, to which she clapped back, “Okay, well I’m sorry that I have high expectations that you are not able to meet. You’re not able to make me feel special.” Justin was flabbergasted by this comment, and fired back,” That is so disrespectful, Genevieve. I’m good.” She then stormed off and it was clear that any form of relationship between them was over. “The connection between me and Genevieve is over,” Justin stated. ‘It’s done. It’s been made clear that our expectations don’t align. I’m okay with knowing Genevieve isn’t the person for me. Best of luck.”