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‘BIP’: Genevieve Spirals After Justin Goes On A Date With Victoria

Victoria Fuller showed up on the Oct. 3 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' and Genevieve Parisi spent the day crying after Justin Glaze agreed to a date with the new arrival.

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Genevieve Parisi found herself in tears after Victoria Fuller’s arrival on Bachelor in Paradise. Before Victoria showed up, Genevieve was having a great time after spending all of day one connecting with Justin Glaze. However, Victoria was interested in Justin from the start. “I think Justin’s really cool,” Victoria admitted. “I feel like, with him, there could be potential for something really fun. I think, at this point in my life, I just know who I am and I know exactly what I want and hopefully he can handle me.”

Victoria got a date card and asked Justin to go with her. He agreed, which left Genevieve freaking out since the guys have the roses to give out at the first rose ceremony. “If I don’t get a rose from Justin, I’m not getting a rose,” she realized. Before the date, Justin pulled Genevieve aside to explain himself.

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Victoria and Genevieve on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. (ABC)

“I told you last night that I’m always going to have conversations — there’s always that,” he shared. “I truthfully would want you to do the same thing. Either way, I like our connection, and I would want it to be the case where if we’ve explored other things and come back to each other it’s because we know the other options weren’t as strong. I’d be bummed if someone asked you on a date, so I’m not expecting you to be thrilled.”

Genevieve hid her emotions in front of Justin and told him it was “fine” for him to go, but behind-the-scenes, she was losing it. “Justin and Victoria going on a date sucks, but when Justin asks me, I don’t want to seem upset because where would that get me?” she explained. Genevieve also said that she didn’t want to pursue Justin anymore if he came back from the date and was “confused” about his feelings — she either wanted him to be all-in on her or she doesn’t want him at all.

Meanwhile, Genevieve’s worst fears were heightened when a suitcase for Salley Carson showed up. Weeks before Bachelor in Paradise, there were social media rumors that Salley and Justin had hit it off at the Stagecoach Music Festival. Kira Mengistu was with Salley and Justin at the festival, and filled Genevieve in on what happened there. “They were all over each other,” she admitted. “It was really weird. He was just focusing on Salley and not talking to anyone else in the group at Stagecoach. He was basically ignoring everyone else just to mack on Salley.”

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Justin Glaze on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (ABC)

Genevieve was in tears and said she was “two second from packing” and leaving. Meanwhile, Justin and Victoria had a great time on their date, and he knew he had to have a conversation with Genevieve about it. “Tonight in particular is tough because it’s Genevieve’s birthday,” he admitted. “I’m going to tell her where my head’s at and how I feel. We’re here to explore options. This is how Paradise is supposed to go. My biggest thing is being open and honest and communicative.”

Finally, the two had a chance to talk. Justin admitted that he was in a “tough” situation, and Genevieve told him she was “checked out” because he hadn’t made a decision one way or the other. “You’re essentially saying because I spent a whole day with you and said I had a connection with you that we should go off and get married,” Justin pointed out. Genevieve cried as she told Justin that she didn’t think she was what he wanted. She told him she needed an answer from him, and he was frustrated at the demand.

“You need to figure it out because you can’t do this to me or her,” Genevieve insisted, in tears, to which Justin replied, “Why do you think I’m having these conversations? So I can figure it out! I can’t just flip a coin.”

Genevieve walked away to let Justin be in his feelings. In a confessional, she said, “I’d almost rather hm come back and say he wanted to pursue Victoria instead of, “I wanna get to know both of you guys,'” she admitted. “That’s almost wore. Because he just doesn’t know. I’d rather him know and me know than be waiting around all day tomorrow and sitting at the rose ceremony waiting.” The drama continues with another episode of Bachelor in Paradise on Oct. 4 at 8:00 p.m.