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Nikki Bella: ‘Total Divas’ Star Undergoing Neck Surgery: Will She Return To WWE?

2 weeks ago 3
Ouch! Nikki Bella has a serious pain in the neck. The WWE star will go under the knife this week to fix a herniated disk and a broken neck. Keep… Read Article ▶
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WWE Royal Rumble Highlights

WWE Royal Rumble 2016: 5 Things You Missed From Wrestling’s Huge Event

2 weeks ago 1
The WWE's 'Royal Rumble' was jammed packed with jaw-dropping moments. A new WWE Heavyweight champion was crowned during the Jan. 24 event, but so… Read Article ▶
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When Is Royal Rumble 2016

WWE Royal Rumble: Find Out When & How To Watch The Big Event

2 weeks ago 7
Roman Reigns is going to have to fight off 29 competitors to secure his WWE World Heavyweight title as the 2016 Royal Rumble gets underway Jan. 24… Read Article ▶
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Hottest WWE Wrestlers

WWE: The Hottest Wrestlers Taking To The Ring At The Royal Rumble

2 weeks ago 1
Are you ready to RUMBLE?! The biggest and baddest wrestlers in the WWE will be heading into the ring on Jan. 24 for the WWE Royal Rumble. Check out… Read Article ▶
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WWE Slammy Awards

WWE 2015 Slammy Awards — Find Out When To Vote During ‘Monday Night Raw’

2 months ago 8 can exclusive reveal that the voting for WWE's 2015 Slammy Awards are now open! Find out how to vote here. WWE's 2015 Slammy… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of WWE
Sheamus TLC Match

Sheamus Shows Off Battle Scars From Vicious ‘TLC’ Match With Roman Reigns — PIC

2 months ago 2
To anyone who says wrestling is 'fake,' talk to Sheamus. After defeating Roman Reigns in a devastating Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at 'WWE TLC'… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of WWE
Seamus Roman Reigns Match

‘WWE TLC’: Sheamus Defeats Roman Reigns In Hellacious Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

2 months ago 4
When Roman Reigns met Sheamus at 'WWE TLC' on Dec. 13, he offered the WWE champ a chair – by smashing it against his face! Sheamus returned the favor… Read Article ▶
Getty, Courtesy of Twitter

Sheamus Defeats Roman Reigns At ‘Survivor Series’ & Becomes New WWE Champion

3 months ago 0
We have a new WWE Heavyweight Champion! The tournament to crown a new WWE champ ended at 'Survivor Series' on Nov. 22. After Roman Reigns took down… Read Article ▶
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WWE Survivor Series: Anonymous Claims ISIS Planning Attack At Event

3 months ago 4
The FBI is investigating a perceived threat from ISIS that may take place during the WWE Survivor Series event in Atlanta on November 22. The threat… Read Article ▶

WWE Week On The USA Network Is What Dreams Are Made Of

3 months ago 0
Get ready WWE Universe! WWE Week is coming up and we can't hold in our excitement! Find out all the amazing happenings starting on December… Read Article ▶
Slipknot Corey Taylor Punches WWE Baron Corbin

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Punches WWE Wrestler Baron Corbin In The Face — Watch

3 months ago 2
What a punch! After Corey Taylor of Slipknot exchanged some fighting words with WWE wrestler Baron Corbin on Twitter, the two met face to face -- and… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Vine
Zahra Schreiber Fired

Zahra Schreiber: Fans Applaud Seth Rollins’ Girlfriend’s Firing After Her Nazi-Inspired Pics

5 months ago 0
Bye, Felicia! Zahra Schreiber is gone from the WWE! The pro-wrestling Diva and reported girlfriend of WWE Champ, Seth Rollins, was fired for posting… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram
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