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Logan Paul Gets Stunned By Kevin Owens At WrestleMania After Trying To Back The WWE Star In The Ring

Logan Paul had his ‘WrestleMania’ moment! The YouTube star ended up getting KO’ed by Kevin Owens during the WWE’s biggest event.

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Logan Paul attended night two of WrestleMania (Apr. 11) as WWE Superstar Sami Zayn’s “special guest of honor,” but the 26-year-old YouTube icon (and part-time boxer) probably wishes he declined the invite. After Sami, 36, lost his match again longtime friend/rival Kevin Owens, 36, Logan into the ring to check on Zayn. Logan also offered a sportsmanship handshake to Kevin, which enraged Sami, causing him to flip out on Paul for conspiring with “the enemy.” Logan, never one to tolerate trash talk, shoved Sami. As Zayn walked towards the back, Paul raised Kevin’s hand in victory.

Logan’s move was greeted by boos from the crowd. It became clear that the Logang wasn’t out in force at Tampa’s Raymond James stadium because a “Logan Sucks” chant broke out during the match. At first, Kevin seemed confused about why Logan, who was aligned with Sami, suddenly switched sides. But then, KO laughed, seemed happy for Logan’s support, and stuck out his hand for a shake…only to kick Logan Paul in the gut and deliver a Stunner. The pro-wrestling move sent Logan Paul spiraling, and the crowd went wild.

After being KO’d by KO, Logan took the L in stride – while also cracking a joke. “Not like this,” Paul tweeted shortly after getting Stunnered, sharing a side-by-side photo of him on the WrestleMania mat and Nate Robinson after the boxer was knocked out by Logan’s brother Jake Paul in 2020. While Logan can laugh about WrestleMania, he won’t be joking when he steps in the ring with Floyd Mayweather later this year. Logan and Floyd, 44, were set to compete in an exhibition match on Feb. 20, but the fight was postponed for unspecified reasons, per Bleacher Report. Floyd said in a Feb. 3 Instagram post that if “Jake Paul can get past his next opponent, Ben Askren, I will have an exhibition with him as well.”

Logan Paul wasn’t the only celeb getting some in-ring action during WrestleMania. During night 1 of the two-night event, Bad Bunny teamed up with Damian Priest to take on The Miz and John Morrison. After Bad Bunny hit a move called a Canadian Destroyer – though, in this case, it would be Puerto Rican Destroyer – the Grammy Award-winning artist flew off the top rope with a diving crossbody onto the Miz & Mrs star for the win.

Ahead of WrestleMania, The Miz and wife Maryse appeared on the HollywoodLife podcast to talk about the match. “When you come into our biggest event, which is WrestleMania, and you’re staring at me, who is a two-time Grand Slam champion, the only two-time Grand Slam champion in the history of the company, you’re gonna have a problem. And I’m going to teach him the way of the ropes in WWE,” said The Miz. “Let’s just hope that his fans don’t hate me after I’m done with him.”