Demi Lovato’s Boyfriends: Max Ehrich & Other Past Relationships

Learn more about Demi Lovato's past relationships following her documentary 'Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil.'

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Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato has been an absolute megastar since skyrocketing to fame on the Disney Channel. Over the course of her career, it’s not just Demi’s impeccable talent that her fans have been in awe of, it’s also everything she’s overcome. But fans have also been curious about Demi’s love life and past relationships. As her supportive fan base learns more intimate details about Demi’s private life — relationships and struggles — through the documentary Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, learn more about her past relationships.

Demi’s Relationship with Max Ehrich

Demi Lovato was previously engaged to Max Ehrich [SplashNews].
Demi really thought she found “The One” with actor Max Ehrich. The pair fell in love during quarantine in the spring of 2020, and in July The Young and The Restless star popped the question, marking Demi’s first betrothal at the age of 28. Demi and Max were self-isolating together in California during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. After just a few mere months together, Demi and Max seemed destined to meet down the aisle.

Upon accepting Max’s proposal, Demi gushed about her love for Max, 29, in their July 22 engagement announcement, saying, “I knew I loved you the moment I met you,” and “You never pressure me to be anything other than myself. And you make me want to be the best version of myself. I’m honored to accept your hand in marriage.” On Sept. 24, it was revealed that their six month relationship — and engagement — was history. After Demi and Max called off their engagement, Max was photographed out and about with American Idol alum Sonika Vaid in October 2020.

Following her split from Max, Demi opened up even more about her sexuality. “This past year, I was engaged to a man, and when it didn’t work, I was like, ‘This is a huge sign.’ I thought I was going to spend my life with someone. Now that I wasn’t going to, I felt this sense of relief that I could live my truth,” she told Glamour. “I hooked up with a girl and was like, ‘I like this a lot more.’ It felt better. It felt right,” she disclosed.

“Some of the guys I was hanging out with—when it would come time to be sexual or intimate, I would have this kind of visceral reaction. Like, ‘I just don’t want to put my mouth there.’ It wasn’t even based on the person it was with. I just found myself really appreciating the friendships of those people more than the romance, and I didn’t want the romance from anybody of the opposite sex,” Demi continued. “I know who I am and what I am, but I’m just waiting until a specific timeline to come out to the world as what I am,” the singer told Glamour. “I’m following my healers’ timeline, and I’m using this time to really study and educate myself on my journey and what I’m preparing to do.”

Learn more about Demi’s past relationships with the timeline below.

Demi’s Past Relationships

Trace Cyrus

Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus briefly dated in 2009 [Shutterstock].
Demi’s first public romance came with fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus‘ older brother Trace Cyrus, 32, in 2009. The two were friends who tried to become a couple, but that didn’t exactly pan out. By July of that year, the two went their separate ways to focus on their respective careers. “Demi is one of my good friends and I definitely became very, very close with her in the past few months, and it’s something I really wanted to make work. But unfortunately, we both have very busy schedules – we’re both on tour right now,” Trace told People, at the time. “We gave it a shot and that’s all you can do,” he continued. “Every time I hung out with that girl or talked on the phone with her, it was amazing. She’s someone I can totally relate to.”

Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas dated for a time in 2010 [Shutterstock].
Next came Demi’s 2007 Camp Rock co-star Joe Jonas, 31, whom she briefly dated in 2010. “We eventually dated for a month. I really got to know her and got to see the ins and outs of what she was struggling with, like drug abuse,” Joe told Vulture in 2013. “I felt like I needed to take care of her, but at the same time, I was living a lie because I wasn’t happy but felt like I had to stay in it for her because she needed help. I couldn’t express any of that, of course, because I had a brand to protect.”

The two are still relatively friendly, however, and Demi even passed along her genuine congratulations when Joe got engaged to actress Sophie Turner in Oct. 2017.  But while the two exes are on good terms, Demi did share that they are not as close as they once were. “I think [Miley Cyrus is] kind of the only one from that era that I still stay in touch with,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in April 2020.

Wilmer Valderrama

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama had an on-again, off-again romance for roughly six years [Shutterstock].
Then came Demi’s greatest, albeit most controversial, romance. She began dating actor Wilmer Valderrama, 40, whom she met as a teen and was 12 years the That 70s Show star’s junior. “I met him on January 11, 2010,” Demi recalled in her 2017 documentary Simply Complicated. “I thought, ‘I have to have him,’ but I was only 17 and he was like, ‘Get away from me.’ When I turned 18 we started dating. I think it was love at first sight, we connected on a level that I’ve never connected with anybody before, he was just my rock, my everything.”

Demi and Wilmer would date on and off for six years, finally ending things for good in 2016. In a joint statement, they called it a “difficult decision for both of us, but we have realized more than anything that we are better as best friends.” He had helped support Demi keeping up her sobriety when they were together. Wilmer then proved he was still there for her by visiting Demi in the hospital in the summer of 2018, when she relapsed and suffered a near fatal drug overdose. That was over two years after their split.

In January 2020, Wilmer got engaged to Amanda Pacheco, with whom he later welcomed a daughter. A few short months after his engagement, Demi opened up about what her relationship with Wilmer is like today. “I’m really happy for him and I wish him nothing but the best, but we’re not in each other’s lives, haven’t spoken in a long time,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “When you get into a relationship with somebody at that young of an age and then you spend six years with somebody, you don’t really get to learn about yourself,” Demi shared, reflecting on her relationship with the actor. “But I think I needed that because I needed to learn to be okay on my own,” she shared.

Luke Rockhold

Demi Lovato had a brief romance with Luke Rockhold [SplashNews].
After her breakup from Wilmer, Demi dove into keeping fit through constant MMA workouts. She became close with UFC fighter Luke Rockhold, 35, and they went on a handful of dates in late 2016. A source told People in August 2016 that the two went “on a couple of dates.” Luke and Demi even took their relationship public by attending UFC 205 together at Madison Square Garden in Nov. 2016, but their romance fizzled out shortly thereafter.

Henri Levy

Demi Lovato went on a few dates with Henry Levy [Shutterstock/MEGA].
After Demi completed her time in rehab following her July 2018 overdose, she was linked with Enfants Riches Déprimé clothing company founder Henri Levy, who was initially identified as a sober companion. They were first photographed out on a Nov. 2018 date just four weeks after she left treatment. That was followed by a romantic Dec. 8, 2018 sushi dinner date in L.A., and the pair appeared on each other’s social media showing off plenty of PDA. But the singer decided to re-enter treatment in late winter 2019, and their budding romance didn’t fully blossom, as Demi made the decision to put the focus back on her mental health and wellbeing.

Mike Johnson

Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson briefly dated in 2019 [Shutterstock/ABC].
In 2019, Demi saw what she liked during Hannah Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette in contestant Mike Johnson, 33. He revealed during Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s Oct. 1, 2019 Almost Famous podcast that Demi had reached out to him on social media after watching him on the ABC dating competition. Mike said that the pair had gone on a few dates and that  “And, uh, she kisses really well.” But Mike was also very clear that the two stars were “getting to know” each other.

During their short-lived relationship, Mike had nothing but compliments for Demi. “For one, I’m all about her, too. She’s definitely the aggressor, you know, I find it incredibly sexy,” Mike gushed about the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer during his appearance on the podcast. “I love that like, ‘come at me. You want me, come at me.’ I want you, I’m [going to] come at you. I’m coming at her as well.” Despite the hype around the pair, Mike was also transparent on the low-key date nights they had.

“We had dinner and a movie,” he initially told Access Hollywood in September 2019. “We saw ItIt [Chapter] Two is very like intense like it’s in your face, I love it.”  Mike even gushed that Demi was “the one I text before I go to bed.” Sadly, Demi’s relationship with Mike didn’t pan out either, and by Nov. 2019, Demi was getting cozy with someone new.

Austin Wilson

Demi Lovato had a short-lived romance with Austin Wilson [Shutterstock].
In November 2019, Demi was linked to model Austin Wilson. They shared quite a few cuddly Instagram photos that have since been deleted, and seemed to be infatuated with one another. “Demi and Austin have been friends for some time and started dating a little while ago,” a source told People. “They’re enjoying spending time together and getting to know each other better.”

Just one month later, however, it seemed that any romance between Austin and Demi had officially fizzled out. “She’s concentrating on herself and her work right now, as well as focusing on her relationship with God,” a source told People, per Elle. Once Austin and Demi called it quits, Demi started seeing Max. Their whirlwind romance was chronicled at the top of the post.