Sam Smith Gushes Over Demi Lovato’s Hot New Romance: ‘She Seems Happy’ — Watch

Sam Smith finally met Demi Lovato's boyfriend, Max Ehrich, face-to-face (well, through a screen). The singer shared their first impressions in an interview with Andy Cohen!

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Demi Lovato, 27, is now introducing her new boyfriend Max Ehrich, 28, to friends! While appearing on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show on April 17, Sam Smith, 27, revealed that they finally got to meet Max “last night” over FaceTime. Sam and Demi had hopped onto an Instagram Live session that very same night, since the good friends were promoting their new song and music video for “I’m Ready” (both dropped on April 16).

“Oh, great. And so I’m assuming you approve?,” Andy asked, thrilled that the introduction finally happened. Surprisingly, Sam couldn’t give a truthful answer to that question just yet! “I don’t know — I haven’t met them [in person],” Sam admitted. “I don’t know anything about it but it seems – they seem sweet, so sweet.”

Sam could say this, however: “[Demi] seems happy at the moment, which is the most important thing.” Isn’t that the truth! Despite only dating for a few weeks (at least, to the public’s knowledge), Demi and Max are already quarantining together. This was confirmed when Demi made a surprise cameo in The Young and the Restless star’s Instagram Live session on March 28. Demi quickly ran out of the frame, unaware her new beau was filming in front of all his fans — alas, the secret was out.

Sam has been in Demi’s circle for a long time, so Max’s introduction was important! “I’d been in contact with Demi for the last few years and before music or anything,” Sam told Entertainment Tonight Canada, leading up to the release of their collab with Demi.

Sam even gushed about Demi’s current head space to ET Canada, just like they did in their interview with Andy. “I wanted to reach out to her as a friend and that’s what I did. She came to the studio and she’s in an amazing place,” they explained, looking back at how “I’m Ready” came about. “She’s the strongest person I’ve ever known and what she’s gone through is something that I can’t imagine how she’s felt at times. I have struggled myself with loads of mental health issues and watching her journey and her composure through all of this is just so inspiring to me, it really is.”