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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Biggest Fights

‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’: The 10 Biggest Fights Ever

Teresa flips a table, Danielle’s hair extensions get yanked, the Gorgas feud at a christening, Melissa’s accused of being a stripper and more. ‘RHONJ’ has never had a shortage of epic fights. Browse through our gallery to see the 10 biggest fights ever.

A massive brawl erupted between Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice on the July 14 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but was it the biggest fight on the series ever?

July 14, 2013
Melissa Gorga Cheating Scandal

‘RHONJ’ Recap: Melissa Gorga Is Accused Of Cheating On Joe

Last season, Melissa was accused of being a stripper. This season, she’s being accused of cheating on husband Joe Gorga. And naturally, Kim D. is at the center of these new allegations.

Melissa Gorga hears there are rumors floating around that she cheated on her husband, Joe Gorga, with an ex-lover, on the July 7 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. All the ladies can only think of one person who’s likely responsible for these new allegations — Teresa Giudice.

July 7, 2013
Melissa Gorga Quitting RHONJ

Melissa Gorga: Why She May Quit ‘RHONJ’

Melissa’s wild fights with her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice are undoubtedly the best parts of ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey,’ but what if they get too out of hand?

Don’t get us wrong, Melissa Gorga isn’t afraid to throw down — there’s plenty evidence of that. But she is only going to put up with all the insane Housewife conflicts for so long.

May 30, 2013
Melissa Gorga Teresa Giudice First Communion

Melissa Gorga: Why Teresa Giudice Skipped Antonia’s Communion

Will Teresa and Melissa make peace on season five of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’? Melissa tells EXCLUSIVELY that her relationship with Teresa is ‘really good.’

Teresa Giudice skipped out on Melissa Gorga’s daughter’s first communion party on May 11, while the rest of the fellow housewives from RHONJ attended, but Melissa tells there’s no bad blood between the sisters-in-law!

May 24, 2013
Teresa Giudice Melissa Gorga Feud

‘RHONJ’: Teresa Giudice Wants To Destroy Melissa Gorga — Report

Melissa better steer clear of any tables, because Teresa is out to get her! A new report says that the original housewife is planning to paint her sister-in-law as a ‘bad wife and gold digger.’ Yikes!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finishing up filming on the upcoming fifth season, and it looks like we’re guaranteed plenty of drama! Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are once again at war. After a brief stalemate, Teresa is out for blood, but her plan to take down Melissa backfired when she confronted her publicly over a “hurtful lie.”

April 10, 2013

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