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BET Awards: Machine Gun Kelly Reveals Real Reason He’s Crazy About Amber Rose

How cute is this? Machine Gun Kelly opened up about girlfriend Amber Rose to EXCLUSIVELY on the red carpet at the 2015 BET Awards. He’s totally smitten!

Machine Gun Kelly, 25, couldn’t help but gush about his girlfriend, Amber Rose, 31, on the red carpet at the 2015 BET Awards on June 28 in Los Angeles. The “Till I Die” rapper revealed to EXCLUSIVELY all the reasons that he’s so insanely into his love. What a romantic!

June 28, 2015
Machine Gun Kelly Caitlyn Jenner

Amber Rose’s BF Machine Gun Kelly Clueless About Who Caitlyn Jenner Was — Watch

Say what?! When Caitlyn Jenner debuted, she was all that anyone talked about! So, it’s surprising that rapper Machine Gun Kelly didn’t know who Caitlyn was, revealing in an video that he was clueless that Caitlyn used to be Bruce!

We did it! We just found the last person on Earth to find out about Caitlyn Jenner, 65! Despite all the coverage over Caitlyn’s reveal, Machine Gun Kelly, 35 — the rapper and current squeeze of Amber Rose, 31 — admitted that he had absolutely no clue about Caitlyn or who she used to be! Click to see for yourself!

June 10, 2015
Machine Gun Kelly Amber Rose Dating Struggle

Amber Rose’s New BF Machine Gun Kelly Admits Dating Her Is A ‘Struggle’ — Watch

Ouch! Machine Gun Kelly has only been dating Amber Rose for a few weeks now, but he already admits that it’s tough being in a relationship with her. He talked about his daily ‘struggle’ in an interview with Ebro In The Morning on Hot 97. Watch the video here!

It’s no secret that Amber Rose, 31, loves the attention that fame brings, but her new boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, 25, despises it. And in an interview with Ebro In The Morning on Hot 97 on May 22, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that dating Amber is a real “struggle” for him.

May 22, 2015

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