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Jason Momoa Game Of Thrones Audition

Jason Momoa: Watch His Intense ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audition

OK, it’s official. We miss Khal Drogo. But hey, check out Jason Momoa’s crazy audition for the ‘Game of Thrones’ character. Click to WATCH!

The last time we saw Khal Drogo back in season two, it was only a dream sequence. The fact that our Dothraki king is dead still gets to us. If you’re as Game of Thrones-obsessed as we are, take a look at Jason Momoa’s insane audition for the show! The tape has surfaced online and it’s intense, to say the least!

October 19, 2014
Jason Momoa Aquaman

Jason Momoa: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hunk Lands Solo ‘Aquaman’ Spinoff

Jason Momoa is about to bring some serious hunk status to Aquaman…twice! The ‘Game Of Thrones’ actor is said to be casted as the superhero in the highly-anticipated ‘Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and a new report claims that Khal Drogo will also get his own ‘Aquaman’ solo movie!

Aquaman is heading to the big screen, and as reported, Jason Momoa is most likely playing the King of Atlantis! More good news for all of you Jason fans out there (aka, every person in the world who appreciates a beautiful man) — it looks like he’ll play the superhero in not one, but two movies! Read on for all the details.

August 14, 2014

HollyBummer! Kellan Lutz Loses Out On Playing Conan The Barbarian

Are you as depressed as we are that we won’t be seeing Kellan flex his muscles in two hours worth of shirtless scenes on the big screen?

Of all the horrible luck! And we’re not just talking about you losing out on the role that Governor Ah-nold Schwarzenegger made famous, either, Kellan, 24. No, we’re mostly upset for ourselves that you won’t be playing half-naked warrior man Conan the Barbarian. We were REALLY looking forward to those two hours of pure aesthetic pleasure…

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January 22, 2010

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