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Demi Moore Refusing To Go To Rehab Says Insider Source

Although Demi was rushed to the hospital on Jan. 23 after convulsing and overdosing at her LA home, a source tells that Demi has ‘no plans’ to check herself into a rehab facility!

Demi Moore doesn’t think her problems can be solved in rehab. The 49-year-old actress is reportedly undergoing “spiritual counseling” but despite claims that Demi would check into a facility for her alleged substance abuse issues,including allegedly doing ‘whippets’, a source tells that she has no plans to pack her bags and enter rehab.

January 31, 2012
Ashton Kutcher Twitter

Ashton Kutcher Changes Twitter Profile Picture To Black

Is Ashton expressing his own black mood after his estranged wife Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital on Jan. 23? Read this!

Ashton Kutcher is the prime example that actions speak louder than words. The 33-year-old actor was partying in Brazil while Demi Moore became unconscious while allegedly doing drugs in her LA home and was admitted to the hospital. But over the weekend, Ashton changed his Twitter profile picture to black — what is he trying to say to his over 9 million followers?

January 30, 2012
Demi Moore

Click here for pics of Ashton's alleged mistress Sara Leal!

Are Demi Moore's Friends & Family Trying To Force Her Into Rehab?

Demi’s three daughters are ‘begging’ their dad Bruce Willis to stage an intervention — the shocking new report claims Demi drinks champagne all day and loves to party.

Demi Moore is spiraling out of control according to a new report in InTouch Weekly. The magazine alleges that Demi, 48, has been behaving more like a ‘Girl Gone Wild’ over the past year instead of a married mom-of-three. The report claims that Demi has been so insecure that her husband Ashton Kutcher, 33, would leave her for a younger woman that she has reportedly turned to drinking.

October 12, 2011

Why I Don't Agree With Bruce Willis' Advice On How To Deal With A Bully

Fame Pictures
Bruce Willis says he taught his three daughters how to stand up to bullies at a very young age, but I just don’t think his plan would actually work!

With a lot of news reports focusing on bullying lately, it is nice to hear celebrity parents talking about the advice they give their children on how to avoid being put into a difficult situation. But only when that advice is useful. Tough guy Bruce Willis says that he taught his and ex-wife Demi Moore‘s daughters, Rumer, 22, Scout, 19, and Tallulah, 16, how to defend themselves against high school thugs at an early age. “I taught them a little thing when they were young and they can actually protect themselves now,” the 55-year-old Die Hard star said on Britain’s Daybreak TV show. Bruce’s advice: Confront the bully and scream in their face! But I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

October 22, 2010

Exclusive! Mary-Louise Parker's Son Cried When He Saw Her Leaving To Go Out. Can You Relate, HollyMoms?


We spoke to the talented mom-of-two at the NYC premiere of her new action flick Red, and she told us her kiddies got so upset as they watched her leave for her big night!

No more wild nights for Mary-Louise Parker! The 47-year-old actress might be glam from head-to-toe on red carpets but she runs straight home to put her two kids, William, 6, and Caroline, 3, to bed! Mary-Louise spoke to at the NYC premiere of her new film, Red, hosted by The Cinema Society & OC Concept at the MOMA on Oct. 3. We asked her how she manages to juggle a busy career and two kids, and it turns out it’s just as hard for a Hollywood mom as it is for the rest of us!

October 5, 2010

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