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Bob Saget Gets Creepy About ‘Fuller House’ Daughters: They’re ‘Kinda Hot’

It was a hilarious reunion for the guys of the original ‘Full House’ as the trio stopped by ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ and while doing a little reminiscing, Bob Saget did a whole lot of oversharing.

Aww, how we’ve missed this adorable threesome after all these years away! John Stamos, 52, Bob Saget, 59 and Dave Coulier, 56, stopped by to visit with Stephen Colbert, 51, and talk up the new Netflix reboot Fuller House, where they’re all making cameos in their original roles. They shared stories about how great the original show was, but Bob made a super shocking revelation about how his TV daughters turned out! Read on for what he had to say.

March 3, 2016

‘Fuller House’ Cast’s Valuable Immigration Lesson For Donald Trump — Watch

Who better than the cast of ‘Fuller House’ to offer Donald Trump the best advice on how to make America great again!? The crew appeared on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ Feb. 16, and brought back a ton of show memories while offering the politician some guidance. Watch!

The Fuller House cast does NOT agree with Donald Trump’s decision to put a wall up between the United States and Mexico! In a hilarious skit on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Trump and got some epic advice from Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier and the rest of the cast — and there were tons of classic Full House references, too!

February 17, 2016
Ashley Olsen Bob Saget Candace Cameron Pics

Ashley Olsen Reunites With ‘Full House’ Family After Refusing To Do Spin-Off — Pics

Looks like there’s no bad blood with (one half of) Michelle Tanner! Ashley Olsen posed with the Tanners on Dec. 8, regardless of the fact that she refused to return for the new Netflix series.

The Tanners definitely weren’t just a TV family! Bob Saget, AKA Danny Tanner, reunited with his Full House daughters, Candace Cameron-Bure (DJ) and Ashley Olsen (half of Michelle) at the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine: A Benefit for The Scleroderma Research Foundation event in New York City. While Bob and Candace are co-stars on the new Netflix spin-off, Ashley and her newly-married sister Mary-Kate turned down the role!

December 10, 2015
Full House Reunion

‘Full House’ Reunion: Bob Saget & Ashley Olsen Together Again

OMG! Danny and Michelle Tanner, a.k.a. Bob Saget and Ashley Olsen, reunited on Nov. 6 after Ashley helped Bob celebrate the opening night of his Broadway play ‘Hand to God.’ Click to see the epic pic!

A TV father and daughter together again! Bob Saget, 59, and Ashley Olsen, 29, staged a mini Full House reunion on Nov. 6 when Ashley supported her TV dad on the opening night of the new Broadway play he’s starring in. Maybe they talked about Fuller House!

November 7, 2015

Olsen Twins On ‘Fuller House’: Why Bob Saget Will Decide If They Do Spinoff

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen said they’ll talk to the creators of ‘Full House’ about the Netflix spinoff, but has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the potential for their return lies in the hands of their TV dad, Bog Saget. Find out why!

Fans are desperately hoping that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will appear on the Full House spinoff, Fuller House, planned for Netflix, but apparently, it’s all up to Bob Saget, who played their TV dad on the original series for 8 seasons.

April 22, 2015
Full House Sequel

‘Full House’ Sequel In The Works, John Stamos Confirms

Details are fuzzy, but it sounds like we might be seeing the Tanners together again — and there’s a ‘twist!’

Do you miss your familiar friends, waiting just around the bend? Well, it sounds like you might not have to wait too long to see them again, because a Full House sequel (of sorts) is in the works! During an epic appearance on Watch What Happens LiveJohn Stamos confirmed that the wheels have been set in motion.

January 31, 2014
Jimmy Fallon Full House

Jimmy Fallon Reunites ‘Full House’ Stars On ‘Late Night’ — Watch

Watch the men of the Tanner household sing Jimmy to sleep! (And no, there’s nothing weird about that.)

Everywhere you look… it’s a reunion! No, seriously, the main men of ABC’s iconic ’90s sitcom Full House — I’m talking, of course, about John StamosBob Saget and Dave Coulier — have been getting back together left and right in 2014, beginning with their much-hyped Super Bowl commercial for Oikos yogurt. But their latest reunion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was easily their best one yet.

January 30, 2014

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