Mariah Carey’s Feelings About Nick Cannon’s Newest Babies On The Way Revealed

Mariah Carey simply wants Nick to 'always' be there for their two children, a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

Nick Cannon, 41, confirmed he is expecting his eighth child in January. It is also reported he is expecting his ninth, making it hard not to wonder what his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, 52, and the mother of his first two children, 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, thinks of his busy baby-making schedule. Fortunately, a source close to the Queen of Christmas filled HollywoodLife in on exactly that. “Mariah has been very tight-lipped when it comes to her feelings about Nick’s love life because she doesn’t even want to go there. Nick can do what Nick wants to do and as long as he is always there for Monroe and Moroccan, Mariah will continue to keep her opinion about his personal life to herself,” the source told HL EXCLUSIVELY, adding that Mariah moved on from their split “a long time ago.”

The source then confirmed what Nick claimed at the beginning of June: He is always there for all of his kids. “Contrary to what people may think, Nick does spend a lot of time with the twins. He sees them at least once (if not twice a week) and, if for some reason he cannot see them due to work obligations, he is always texting and calling them,” they noted. Nick told Men’s Health in June that he believes he is involved with his children “more often than the average adult can be.” He added, “If I’m not physically in the same city with my kids, I’m talking to them before they go to school via FaceTime and stuff. And then when I am [in the same city, I’m] driving my kids to school, like making sure I pick ’em up.”

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were married between 2008 and 2016 and had two children together (Photo: Shutterstock)

HollywoodLife‘s source then gave insight into the relationship between the doting dad and his kids with Mariah. “The twins have a very special bond with their father and Mariah has only tried to foster this for their entire lives,” they said. Although their relationship is “special”, the kids are having a hard time digesting the fact that they’re gaining yet another half-sibling or even two. “They are old enough to know about the birds and the bees and they know how babies are made. They would love for their dad to find one woman to settle down with like their mom has found with Bryan. They do not understand the logistics of overlapping pregnancies, but they are all fully aware that they have several more siblings on the way,” the insider explained. Nick posted a video dancing to a TikTok trend with his first set of twins alongside social media stars Lexi and Brent Rivera on June 27, seen below.

After Moroccan and Monroe, Nick fathered a son, Golden “Sagon”, 5, and daughter Powerful Queen, 1, with Brittany Bell, and 1-year-old twins Zillion and Zion with OnlyFans model Abby De La Rosa. Nick also had a son, Zen, with model Alyssa Scott, but he tragically succumbed to brain cancer when he was just five months old in Dec. 2021. Nick is expecting his eighth child this year with model Bre Tiesi and HollywoodLife reported earlier in the month that Abby is pregnant with his ninth.

On June 26, the Wild ‘N Out host admitted he “failed” at monogamy, but said he thinks one day he may be able to settle down with one person. “I love the concept. I love the ceremony of it,” he told Shelley Wade on her podcast, All The Way with Shelley Wade. “I’ve failed miserably so many times at monogamy and relationships. But like, you know, God ain’t done with me. We gonna figure it out.” However, in February, Nick said he believed monogamy was not a healthy way to live. “I don’t think monogamy is health,” he revealed on The Language of Love podcast by Dr. Laura Berman. “I feel like that gets into the space of selfishness and ownership.”

He also revealed in April that nine children may be enough for him, as he confirmed he “already” had a “vasectomy consultation.” He added, “I ain’t looking to populate the Earth completely, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking care and loving all the children that I currently have.”

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