Princess Love & Ray J Fans Speculate They’re Back Together As They Reunite 2 Mos. After Split

Two months after Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love, the on/off couple appeared together in a video On Instagram -- and fans think they may have reconciled!

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Princess Love and Ray J are fueling speculation that they’re back together with a new Instagram video from Nov. 17. In the clip, which was posted to Princess Love’s Instagram Story, the two are walking side-by-side. The footage only shows them from the waist up, but some fans pointed out that it looks like they’re even holding hands in the quick clip, too.

Although neither star said anything in the video, fans were definitely intrigued by the fact that they’re spending time together again. After all, it was just two months ago that Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love in mid-September. The two have been married since Aug. 2016 and have two children — Melody, 2, and Epik, 10 months.

Shortly after Ray J filed for divorce, he publicly stated that he had some regrets about his decision. He said he was still “in love” with his wife, and wanted the best for both her and their kids. “We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds,” he said at the time. However, Princess Love was pissed that her husband went to the extreme measure of filing for divorce, when he clearly wasn’t even sure that it was what he wanted.

“This is not a game,” she said in a September interview. “Nobody wins. If we get divorced, we just lose. I don’t know what his motive behind it was, but you don’t file for divorce just because.” Princess actually filed her own divorce paperwork in May 2020, but dismissed the filing by July. Still, she insisted that she put a lot of thought into her decision, and felt that her husband made the move in a much more rash manner.

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Princess Love and Ray J hit the red carpet together before their split. (AP Images)

“You can’t just do it and take it back,” she explained. “I put a lot of thought into it when I did it and when I dismissed it I put a lot of thought into it.” At the time, she also said that she had no desire to get back with Ray J, but this new video has fans wondering if she’s changed her mind!

Ray J and Princess Love’s drama actually started in Nov. 2019 when she was eight months pregnant with Epik. Princess Love accused Ray J of stranding her and Melody in Las Vegas after the Soul Train Awards. She also claimed that he was “entertaining other women” during the trip. She went off on him via social media and told fans that she was ready to divorce him.

However, they were able to work out their issues, and were together when Epik was born at the end of the year. They split again in January, though, and Princess’ divorce filing came less than five months later. The stars have yet to verbally confirm whether or not they’re actually back together this time, though.

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