Ray J Reveals How He & Princess Love Are Handling Co-Parenting After Split: It’s A ‘Good Start’

Weeks after Princess Love filed for divorce from Ray J, the rapper says they're still figuring out how to raise their 2-year-old daughter and newborn son. Despite the challenges, they're staying 'positive.'

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“At this point you know you got to, you know, you got to listen to your heart,” said Ray J during a Q&A portion of the May 21 preview of his new single, “Stranded,” hosted by revenue-sharing social network Tsū. The song references the accusations that he abandoned his then-pregnant wife Princess Love in Las Vegas in November 2019. Since then, Princess, 35, reunited with Ray J, 39, given birth to their son Epik, and filed for divorce. Ray J discussed how he and Princess are handling co-parenting during the split. “You got to make sure that you spend time, and I’m talking about parenting and being with the kids.”

“It’s a blessing that my daughter’s birthday is on Saturday,” Ray J said, referring to Melody Love, the girl he and Princess Love welcomed in 2018. “I’m at the house with the kids now, and for us to just spend time together and, you know, talking, and just being great parents, I think a lot of things will unfold from that. And I think that’s a good start with us, just spending time with the kids, and making sure that Melody has a great birthday. Through all of that, we can listen and understand each other, and hopefully [stay] positive. Right now, we just locked in with the parenting. And God is good.”

The latest chapter in Love and Ray’s on-again/off-again/on-again romance unfolded on May 7 when she filed for divorce, making good on a threat she made in November 2019 after she claimed Ray left her and daughter melody “stranded” in Vegas. Though the couple reunited for the birth of Epik in December, by the end of January, she said they weren’t living underneath the same roof. Ray J denied he ditched his then-pregnant wife, but told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he was going to “step it up” when it came to being a father and a husband.

After previewing his “Stranded” single, Ray J spoke about how he’s been handling the quarantine. “Like everybody else, [I’m] just trying to make some adjustments, and really find out what’s, what’s the most important thing that comes first throughout…and that’s family. And then everything else will start to balance itself out. Sometimes I feel like, you know, I need to ‘work work work’ to make sure to…put up enough money for the kids, make sure I secure the finances so we can be set and all of this stuff but at the end of the day, just spending time with the family, like just feels like every time that I tap in the right way all the blessings that I’ve been looking for out there, just comes right to me because I feel like I’m doing the right thing.”