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Ray J Reveals How He’s Planning To Keep His Marriage To Princess Love Romantic Amid Changing Diapers

Ray J  told us how despite having a newborn son and one-year-old daughter, he plans to keep his marital romance alive with wife Princess Love. Despite 'changing 100 diapers every 2 days.'

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Having two children under the age of two doesn’t give many parents time for romance. But Ray J is pledging that he’ll make sure wife Princess Love, 35, is treated to plenty of marital attention and affection once they settle in to being a new family of four. The couple announced the birth of their son Epik Ray Norwood on Dec. 30, 2019. So for now, their focus is on parenting their newborn, as well as 20-month-old daughter Melody Norwood.

HollywoodLife.com spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Ray, 39, at a belated birthday party hosted at his home on Jan. 23 by the social network Tsu. Pals like rappers Blueface, 23, and The Game, 40, were on hand to give Ray their best wishes. For what he has in store for 2020, Ray told us, “The main thing I see is just being a good father. I just had another baby. I had a baby boy and my daughter is one and he’s right behind her. So being the best father is everything.”

Being a family of four has come with new challenges. “It’s a lot more diapers we’ve got to change and a lot more late nights. But hey, it’s all well worth it. I’m changing like a hundred diapers every two days. I change my daughter’s diapers, cause my son’s a newborn and my wife has this whole little routine. So I let her do that until he gets to a certain age, then I’m gonna start with him. But I’m assigned to my daughter right now,” he explained.

As for finding time for romance with Princess, Ray said, “I think I’m going to have to step it up in a few months. Now that my wife had the baby and it’s done and that process is over, we’ve got to focus on parenting. But then we’ve got to start turning it back to us again. And I’ve got to make sure she’s loved and she’s treated in that way. So I mean, I definitely got to step it up.”

That includes finally getting her the push present he promised her — a white horse! “We’ve got to get a yard or a stall or something. ‘I’m late on the horse baby, but I promise I’m going to get you that white horse,'” he told her as he looked into our camera. But then he had a new idea. “Or a car. I could just give her the car outside, that might work. Matter of fact, I’m going to wrap it in white,” he joked. Ray, stick with the white horse.

The couple is bouncing back from marriage trouble they had in November 2019 when she claimed he abandoned her and Melody in Las Vegas after an awards show. “Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling…now you wanna post family photos. #ByeUgly,” the Love and Hip Hop star commented on a now-deleted family photo from the BET Soul Train Awards on Nov. 17, 2019. Four days later during an Instagram Live, Princess seemed to threaten a divorce. She revealed, “I don’t want to be married anymore. Period. I don’t have time for this. This is not love. And I’m done.”

However, the couple somehow managed to patch things up, as he was there for Princess’ Dec. 21 baby shower and shared loving family videos from it. They were surrounded by their nearest and dearest, all wearing light blue outfits in honor of their son’s impending birth. Then when he posted the YouTube video on Dec. 30, announcing their son’s birth, it featured plenty of moments as a happy family around Christmas time. Now that they have another child, it seems they’re closer than ever.