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Duck Dynasty Kay Robertson Suicide

‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson’s Wife Admits She Almost Committed Suicide

2 weeks ago 3
Phil Robertson's wife publicly stood by her husband's side during his infamous anti-gay remarks, but now Miss Kay is coming clean about a dark time… Read Article ▶
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Duck Dynasty Lisa Robertson

‘Duck Dynasty’: Lisa Robertson Reveals She Was Molested & Had Secret Affair

2 weeks ago 2
The 'Duck Dynasty' stars are no strangers to scandal, but Lisa Robertson's secret past is shocking -- Alan Robertson's wife opens up about cheating… Read Article ▶
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Duck Dynasty Wives

‘Duck Dynasty’: Robertson Wives Reveal All In Interview — Watch

4 weeks ago 7
'Duck Dynasty' wrapped it's fifth season on Wednesday, March 26, but on Monday, March 31, the Robertson wives sat down for a brand new tell-all… Read Article ▶
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Duck Dynasty Finale Willie Robertson

‘Duck Dynasty’ Finale: Willie Robertson Comes Clean — Watch

4 weeks ago 35
'Duck Dynasty' wrapped its fifth season last night, March 26, with a very emotional episode, which has viewers excited for Season 6. So what can you… Read Article ▶
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Duck Dynasty Finale Mia Robertson Surgery

‘Duck Dynasty’ Finale: Jase & Missy’s Daughter Bravely Faces Major Surgery

4 weeks ago 32
The season finale of 'Duck Dynasty' chronicles the heartfelt days before Jase and Missy's daughter Mia's surgery. The entire Robertson family rallies… Read Article ▶
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Phil Robertson's Comments

Phil Robertson’s Wife Miss Kay Is ‘Proud’ Of Anti-Gay Comments

1 month ago 7
Well that's a reaction we haven't heard yet! For the first time ever, the wives of the 'Duck Dynasty' men are speaking out in a new interview, and… Read Article ▶
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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

‘Duck Dynasty’ Recap: Willie & Jase Robertson Throw Down

3 months ago 3
One thing you never do is criticize another man's burger. The 'Duck Dynasty' bros had mad beef on Feb. 5 and had to settle it the old fashioned way… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of A&E
Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

‘Duck Dynasty’ Recap: The Robertsons Versus A Smoke Detector

3 months ago 1
A few things were revealed during the Jan. 29 episode of 'Duck Dynasty' that weren't particularly surprising: that technology and the Robertsons… Read Article ▶
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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

‘Duck Dynasty’ Recap: Learn What It’s Like To Be Uncle Si

3 months ago 2
Uncle Si's ultimate takeover of 'Duck Dynasty' continued on Jan. 22, with the old geezer strapping a camera to his head to give the audience a little… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of A&E

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Defends Liam Payne After Hate Tweets

3 months ago 2
One Direction star Liam Payne unintentionally ignited a Twitter storm when he offered his support to 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson, mere weeks… Read Article ▶
Duck Dynasty Liam Payne Twitter Rant

Liam Payne Responds To Haters Criticizing His ‘Duck Dynasty’ Tweet

3 months ago 15
Can't a guy just like 'Duck Dynasty!?' The One Direction singer got piled on after he tweeted support for Willie Robertson and his 'family values' on… Read Article ▶
Duck Dynasty Best Moments

Phil Robertson’s Comments & More: Wildest ‘Duck Dynasty’ Moments

3 months ago 17
Get those duck calls out, people! With 'Duck Dynasty' (and its entire cast) returning to television on Jan. 15, let's take a look back at the… Read Article ▶
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