‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy & Jase: Mia’s Birth Defects Changed Us Forever

'Duck Dynasty's Jase and Missy Robertson are opening up about their daughter, Mia, now 10, and her terrifying birth defects. In an emotional new interview, the couple share how their lives drastically changed after Mia was born with a cleft lip and palate, and how dealing with her five difficult surgeries has brought their family together in a way they never could have expected. Duck Dynasty's Jase and Missy Robertson, both 43, are sharing new details about how their brave daughter, Mia, 10 years old, has changed their lives "for the better."

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Jase & Missy Robertson Open Up About Mia’s Birth Defects

It has been a difficult ten years since Jase and Missy welcomed their daughter Mia into the world, but thankfully they had each other to rely on through thick and thin.

Mia was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, which came as a shock to both Jase and Missy. The couple, who met and fell in love as teenagers, opened about their struggle with Mia’s health scare in the May 12 issue of Us Weekly.

“We had two perfectly healthy boys before we  had Mia, so it was difficult when she came along.” Missy explained, continuing, “I thought, ‘Oh, I finally have my girl’ — but I wasn’t able to completely enjoy that process.”

Jase admits that although he was praying his little girl would live, he also had to fight through superficial thoughts about her looks.

“Here I am, worried about what she’s going to look like, while the doctors aren’t even sure she can breathe on her own,” Jase confessed. “From that moment on, I stopped being so superficial. It’s been a life-changing experience for me and Missy because of how shallow we used to think.”

That was only the beginning for Jase and Missy, though. Mia, who was born on Sept. 12, 2003, had to undergo her first surgery at just a few months old in January 2004. She would undergo at least four more before

Jase & Missy’s Other Children Were Forced Into Independence

When Mia was born, Jase and Missy’s two sons Reed and Cole were eight and five, respectively. As soon as Mia came from the hospital, Missy had to start preparing her for her first surgery. This meant that Mia became Missy’s priority, and Jase informed their boys that they had to start caring for themselves.

“Jase called Reed and Cole into the living room and was like, ‘Your  mom will have to spend a whole lot of time taking care of Mia and getting her ready for surgery. So, boys, in the mornings, you’re on your own,” Missy explained.

However, she was surprised by this news because Jase had not consulted her about it beforehand. Thankfully, it worked out for the best because the boys were up for the challenge and knew that their baby sister needed their mom more than they did.

“I looked at [Jase] and said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘Yup, Reed, go get my alarm clock and set it. When it goes off, you’re gonna get up, wake your brother up, get dressed, brush your teeth, then fix breakfast.’ And every morning since, they have gotten up on their own and been ready to walk out the door.”

For Missy, the change was difficult to adjust to. She was so used to being a hands-on mom for all of her children, and now they were gaining a sense of independence she wasn’t ready for them to have.

“That was a big step for me as a mom to let that go, and they were up for the challenge. They understood that this changed our family dynamic a bit, and they needed to step up and take just a little more responsibility,” Missy explains.

Jase, Missy, and all three of their children are so inspiring as a family. We love hearing about how much they pull together and support each other no matter what!


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— Lauren Cox

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