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WATCH An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of ‘The Face’

The brand new model competition will give contestants the opportunity to be coached, one-on-one, by some of the best supermodels in the industry for the chance to become the face of a national brand. WATCH an exclusive clip of the show and read on to find out how you can chat with the judges!

If you can’t wait to see model coaches Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha on The Face than you’ll love this exclusive sneak peek! The show, which is premiering on Oxygen on Feb. 12 at 9 PM, will be hosted by former America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker. Contestants will participate in a slew of challenges all while being coached by the talented women for the chance to become the face of a national brand.

January 30, 2013
Naomi Campbell Attack

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Brutally Assaulted & Robbed On Paris Street

Naomi was the victim of a violent attack by a group of men while she was trying to hail a cab in Paris in Dec. 2012, and new details emerged on Jan. 4. Keep reading for more on her scary attack.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 42, suffered a torn ligament in her leg after she was attacked and robbed on a Paris street in December, multiple sources tell The New York Post. After she was “knocked over and robbed,” she called the police.

January 4, 2013
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Kate Moss V. Prince Albert — Who Will Have The More Star Studded Wedding Weekend?

Kate and Jamie Hince and Albert and Charlene Wittstock will both be married this weekend in two of the biggest ceremonies of the year, but who will have the grander affair?

All of European, and some of American, society will be heading to some very lavish weddings this weekend in Europe — the question is which will they attend? Kate Moss will be marrying her rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince in a three day affair in the English countryside dubbed Mosstock, while Prince Albert will marry South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock in Monte Carlo at a weekend long ceremony that is rumored to put the royal wedding to shame. Decisions, decisions…

June 28, 2011

Oh-Oh. Naomi Campbell Wants A Baby! Do You Think She’d Be A Good Mom?

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When you think of Naomi Campbell, her maternal instincts are probably the last thing that come to mind. The supermodel with a history of anger issues is reportedly “thrilled” about the idea of becoming a mommy! Uh-oh.

We never thought this statement would come out of Naomi Campbell‘s mouth. The supermodel, who is known for throwing dramatic tantrums and cell phones, is thinking about having a baby! “Oh wow,” she says to the UK’s Mirror, “if I was blessed enough to fall pregnant or have a child then that’s in God’s hands. I’d be thrilled.” If it was in God’s hands, we are pretty sure it wouldn’t happen. We hate to be rude, but Naomi can’t even deal with her assistants without throwing a tantrum, how is she supposed to get through all the crazy symptoms associated with pregnancy? And what would she do if the baby started crying???

December 14, 2010

Why Does Naomi Campbell Always Abuse Her Employees?

Naomi Campbell is constantly on the attack — but why is it always her employees who on the receiving end of her fury?

Would you ever work for BlackBerry hurling, driver slapping model Naomi Campbell? Considering her long history of anger management issues and a rap sheet full of physical assault charges against her employees, we hope most of you would say NO! On Mar. 2, Naomi attacked her limo driver, Miodrag Mejdina, and then fled the scene. And it surely wasn’t the the first time she’s unleashed her anger on the help. In 2007, the supermodel plead guilty for assaulting her housekeeper. And in 2005 she allegedly slapped her assistant, Amanda Brack, and beat her with a Blackberry. What gives? Click to read more & Vote!

March 3, 2010

Do You Think Naomi Campbell Should Be Locked Up?

Get it together Naomi! Angry and uncontrollable, Naomi allegedly beats ANOTHER employee. Do you think she should go to jail?

Shame on you Naomi Campbell! Have you not learned your lesson? You have once again been accused of beating an employee — this time, your billionaire boyfriend’s driver, Miodrag Mejdina.

The chaffeur, who works for Naomi’s Russian boyfriend, Vlad Doronin, claims the Zen-challenged supermodel hit him while he was driving her, slamming his head into the steering wheel, causing bruising and a black eye! However, he’s decided not to press charges against Naomi … who has QUITE a history of employee abuse! Read more & vote.

March 3, 2010

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