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Kirk Douglas Turns 100

Kirk Douglas: Michael, Catherine Zeta-Jones & More Wish Him Happy 100Th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kirk Douglas! The iconic star, known for legendary roles in films like ‘Spartacus’ and ’20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,’ turned 100-years-old on Dec. 9. His son, Michael Douglas, led the parade of celebs like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Edgar Wright in celebrating Kirk’s life. Click to see!

December 9, 2016
Donald Trump Insults Heidi Cruz Looks

Donald Trump Insults Heidi Cruz’s Looks By Retweeting An Unflattering Meme

Donald Trump has taken the 2016 presidential campaign to a new low, attacking Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife, for a second time. And this time, he dissed Heidi’s looks with a comparison to Melania Trump. Such disgusting behavior!

Unbelievable. Donald Trump, 69, just will not quit with the disgusting attacks on women. Now that he seems bored with slamming Hillary Clinton, 68, mocking Carly Fiorina, 61, and battling Megyn Kelly, 45, Donald has his sights set on Heidi Cruz, 43. And what’s the first thing Donald trashed when talking about Ted Cruz‘s, 45 wife? You guessed it – her looks!

March 24, 2016

Michael Douglas Celebrates Being ‘Cancer Free’ After Scary Report Of Declining Health

Is Michael Douglas close to death with another round of cancer? The ‘Basic Instinct’ star’s disease has returned, according a new report. Yet, both Michael and his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, EXCLUSIVELY give an update on his health — and the news is good!

Cancer is a horrible, heartbreaking disease and for a scary moment, it almost took the life of Michael Douglas, 71. But did it come back for revenge? While some new reports say Michael’s cancer has returned and he’s close to dying, the Wall Street actor EXCLUSIVELY tells that Gordon Gekko is going nowhere.

March 16, 2016

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