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Catherine Zeta Jones Bipolar: ‘I’m Sick Of Talking About It’

Catherine Zeta-Jones snapped in a Dec. 7 interview as she admitted she never wanted her battle with Bipolar to go public. See what else she said about being the unofficial ‘poster child’ for the disorder!

Catherine Zeta-Jones was promoting her upcoming film Playing For Keeps on Good Morning America on Dec. 7 when the interview went sour. Although she brought it up first, she didn’t seemed thrilled to answer the question of how she is feeling now after it was revealed she was battling Bipolar disorder in April 2011.

December 7, 2012

Catherine Zeta-Jones: I Suffered Bipolar Disorder In Silence — You Shouldn't!

The brave actress says she couldn’t escape the ‘dark cloud’ of depression — even when her husband Michael Douglas was declared cancer-free!

Catherine Zeta-Jones says the way her deep sadness lingered after doctors told Michael Douglas his throat cancer was gone made her realize she had to get treatment. And now she wants the world to know “there is no shame in seeking help” for bipolar disorder.

April 20, 2011

Medical Experts Reveal The Real Reason Catherine Zeta-Jones Went To Treatment!

Doctors say she’s ‘overwhelmed’ by her bipolar disorder and needs to re-energize before her next projects!

Catherine Zeta-Jones shocked her fans when it was revealed she spent five days in a Connecticut mental health facility, after admitting herself on April 6 to manage her Bipolar II Disorder. But perhaps most shocking was that her stay in treatment was so short. spoke exclusively with a mental health specialist to understand why her stay was so brief, and what treatment likely focused on.

April 14, 2011

Michael Douglas' Brave Children Watched Him Undergo Painful Cancer Treatments!

The actor’s two kids actually stood by his bedside as he was blasted with radiation therapy and pumped with powerful chemotherapy drugs! What a strong family!

During his interview with NBC‘s the Today show, to announce his victory over deadly throat cancer, Michael Douglas revealed he took his children with wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones — son Dylan, 10, and daughter Carys, 7 — with him to cancer treatment appointments so they could understand what he was going through.

January 13, 2011

Michael Douglas Opens Up On His Successful Battle With Cancer — I Wouldn't Wish This On My Worst Enemy.

Michael sits down with ‘Today’ to discuss overcoming throat cancer and talks abouy the effects his intensive radiation and chemotherapy have had on his body.

After aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and radiation Michael Douglas has managed to win his battle with throat cancer — but there are still lingering effects. Michael sat down with Matt Lauer on Today Jan. 11 and said, “Salivary ducts have been closed down as a result of the radiation, probably for at least a year or two,” and “I’ve put about 12 (pounds) back. But, I mean, I got another 20, 25 to go.”

January 11, 2011

Michael Douglas' Daughter, Carys, Is Taking Care Of Him — She's Making Him Smoothies So He'll Gain Weight!

Carys Douglas is only 7 years old but she’s stepping up to the plate and taking care of her daddy, Michael, as he battles cancer.

Michael Douglas is in the fight of his life as he battles aggressive throat cancer. His wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones is currently in China doing charity work, but don’t worry, the gaunt-looking 66-year-old is in great hands — his daughter, Carys, is taking good care of him!

November 3, 2010

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