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John Travolta Aaron Tveit Comparison

John Travolta Vs. Aaron Tveit: How Do The Two Dannys Compare? — Pics

Aaron Tveit is taking over for John Travolta as Danny Zuko in FOX’s ‘Grease: Live,’ so how do these two hunks measure up to each other? Check out our gallery of pics now!

Aaron Tveit, 32, is your new Danny Zuko in Grease:Live, but John Travolta, 61, will always be known as the man who made the role famous. Aaron and John’s careers are totally different, but you’ll be surprised that these two share an awesome connection. Here’s everything you need to know!

January 28, 2016
John Travolta Pics

John Travolta: 5 Things You May Not Know About The Famous ‘Grease’ Star

You obviously know who John Travolta, the original star of ‘Grease,’ is — but his childhood and insanely successful career may be filled with fun facts you don’t know.

Before he was Danny, before he was Michael, John Travolta was just playing  a bully who helped pour pig’s blood on Sissy Spacek in Carrie — yes really! Here’s five more things about the actor that you probably will be surprised to learn!

January 28, 2016
Lady Gaga Foursome AHS Hotle

John Travolta May Have Watched Lady Gaga Film A Foursome For ‘AHS’

Awkward or amazing? Well maybe a little bit of both. John Travolta reportedly visited the ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ set while on a break from his set next door — and he may or may not have watched Lady Gaga shoot some crazy love scenes!

No, we’re not talking about the epic moment that went down with Lady GagaJohn Travolta and more at Barbra Streisand‘s house. During a recent set visit of American Horror Story: Hotel, Gaga arrived on set to film a bloody foursome, wearing bedazzled pasties and a necklace. However, in between scenes, she got a visit from John, still in costume as Robert Shapiro, since he films American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. next door to the AHS set.

September 3, 2015
Aaron Tveit Danny Zuko

‘Grease Live’: Aaron Tveit Can’t Get John Travolta’s Voice Out Of His Head

Fox is getting into the live musical game with its upcoming production of ‘Grease: Live.’ We chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Danny Zuko himself, Aaron Tveit, about what’s daunting him the most about playing the iconic role. Believe it or not, it’s the voice of John Travolta!

Aaron Tveit can’t get John Travolta out of his head! Aaron, 31, will take on Danny Zuko in Fox’s production of Grease: Live, which will be broadcast, well, live, on the network on Jan. 31. The role, made famous in the 1978 film by Travolta, is smooth, mysterious and all around hunky. So, like, no pressure for Aaron or anything, right? Um, wrong! In fact, in preparation for the performance, he kinda can’t get John’s voice out of his head!

July 31, 2015
John Travolta Son Benjamin

John Travolta’s Shy Son, 4, Freaks Out On Stage At David Letterman Show- Watch

It was take your children to work day for John Travolta, but it didn’t go as smoothly as he was hoping. When the ‘Pulp Fiction’ actor asked for the tiny tyke to come out on stage to meet David Letterman, the boy took one look around at the audience and bolted! Click to watch the video.

John Travolta, 61, and Kelly Preston, 52, have one adorable son who very well may be the next big star — once he gets over his fear of the cameras. Benjamin Travolta, 4, accompanied his dad to his interview on the David Letterman Show on April 20 and made everyone laugh without even trying.

April 21, 2015

John Travolta Explains His Infamous Idina Menzel Oscar Flub – Watch

A year after John Travolta’s flub her round the world, the actor finally set the record straight as to why he mangled Idina Menzel’s name so badly when introducing her at the 2014 Oscars. His explanation will surprise you and, spoiler alert, it involves Goldie Hawn!

Long live Adele Dazeem! At the Oscars on Feb. 22, John Travolta got to take part in a moment of redemption with Idina Menzel, the actress and singer whose name John very famously mispronounced at the awards show the year prior. And, following their moment together on the broadcast, John sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and explained, once and for all, how exactly Idina became Adele. You have gotta hear this!

February 23, 2015
John Travolta Idina Menzel Oscars

Idina Menzel & John Travolta Mock Adele Dazeem Flub At Oscars Reunion — Watch

I mean, how could they not do it? During the Oscars on Feb. 22, John Travolta and Idina Menzel proved that they have both truly ‘let it go’ when it comes to John’s infamous gaff!

Oh my gosh. This is just the best thing to have ever happened. Following his instantly-viral mangling of her name the previous year, John Travolta and Idina Menzel put their past behind them and took part in what was arguably the greatest moment of the 2015 Academy Awards (and of all of our lives). We are literally never letting this go — they headed on stage together!

February 22, 2015

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