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EXCLUSIVE! Experts Agree: Kelly Preston’s Pregnancy At 47 ‘Not Natural!’ She Must Have Used ‘A Donor Egg & In Vitro!’

It’s no “miracle” or “wonder” that Kelly got pregnant in her late forties. She just decided she wanted to have another kid!

There’s nothing natural about Kelly Preston getting pregnant at the age of 47 experts agree. “The chances of getting naturally pregnant at the age of 47 are almost slim to NONE,” Dr. Brad Douglas, OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert on, says to EXCLUSIVELY. “I have never seen a woman naturally pregnant past the age of 45, and most who do get pregnant usually miscarry due to the genetic problems with eggs after a woman has turned 40.” Click here to get the rest of the scoop!

June 20, 2010

Charlie Sheen, You Have A History Of Troubled & Violent Relationships

Charlie Sheen, your explosive past indicates that this fight with Brooke Mueller is not the first time you’ve been in a violent situation with a woman.

Charlie Sheen, will you ever get it together? It seems that in your failed relationships, it’s almost always the women who get blamed. At this point, drinking, violence, and police reports seem like a pattern in your life. There was the incident with Kelly Preston and the gun, and your 1996 battery charges for attacking girlfriend Brittany Ashland. Not to mention, your ex-wife Denise Richards claimed in 2006 divorce papers that you threatened… Read more

December 28, 2009

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