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Kenya Moore Slams Brandi Glanville

Kenya Moore Slams Brandi Glanville: Leann Rimes Is ‘Younger & Prettier’ – Watch

That’s gotta hurt. The competition on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ has gotten fierce and the strategies are getting dirty. On the Jan. 19 episode, Kenya Moore slammed Brandi Glanville and the insults got very personal.

This may qualify as a below the belt hit. On the most recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore had some choice words for rival Brandi Glanville, and what she said likely hit close to home. Check out what went down in the brutal smack down!

January 20, 2015
Eddie Cibrian Leann Rimes Reality Show

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian (Getty)

LeAnn Rimes: We’ll ‘Laugh’ At Affair On ‘LeAnn & Eddie’ Reality Show

LeAnn and Eddie’s relationship has been highly publicized from the start, but now the couple are setting the record straight about their love on their brand new VH1 reality show, ‘LeAnn & Eddie.’ In a revealing new interview, they open up about everything from why they finally decided to have their own show to the possibility of expanding their family — nothing if off-limits!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are an open book. On their new reality show, LeAnn & Eddie, the couple will give viewers a raw and “honest” glimpse into their exciting lives. Between juggling their successful careers, family, friends and of course their marriage, these two are always on the go — and now they’re taking fans with them!

July 17, 2014
Brandi Glanville Drunk Wardrobe Malfunction

Brandi Glanville: Your Drunken Antics Set A Bad Example For Your Kids

Brandi, we were embarrassed for you when we saw these photos of you exposing yourself in the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions.

Brandi Glanville, I get it; you’ve had a rough week. Two nights after you reportedly had yet another unpleasant confrontation with your ex Eddie Cibrian and his wife LeAnn Rimes, an unnamed male friend was photographed carrying you out of a Hollywood restaurant in a drunken stupor July 9.

July 9, 2013
LeAnn Rimes July 4th Pic

LeAnn Rimes’ Fourth Of July Mothering Diss To Brandi Glanville

LeAnn posted several smiling family photos with hubby Eddie Cibrian and her two stepsons before her July 4 concert in Michigan, while Brandi was home in Los Angeles. Do YOU think that’s insensitive?

LeAnn Rimes isn’t afraid to show off how good of a “bonus mom” she is to husband Eddie Cibrian‘s two kids Mason, 10, and Jake, 6, and she posted a series of happy family photos on Fourth of July to prove just how much of a doting stepmom she is! Was she taking a jab at Eddie’s ex-wife and the mother of his children Brandi Glanville?

July 5, 2013
LeAnn Rimes Baby

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian (Getty)

LeAnn Rimes Wants A Baby With Eddie Cibrian ‘More Than Anything’

The country crooner has been desperately trying to get pregnant for months, and a source close to LeAnn tells EXCLUSIVELY what she’s doing to ensure her baby dreams come true.

LeAnn Rimes, 30, and Eddie Cibrian, 39, have been married for more than two years, but the couple has yet to have kids of their own. But a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that LeAnn is yearning to start a family with her beau, and has even started fertility treatments!

May 30, 2013
LeAnn Rimes Brandi Glanville

Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes’ Tense Run In With Brandi Glanville

Brandi and LeAnn had their first run-in since Brandi released her bombshell book, and things got nasty at son Jake’s baseball game. Yikes!

If looks could kill, there would have been a significant body pile up at Jake Cibrian‘s baseball game on March 3! Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes had their first run in since Brandi released her explosive tell all book, Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders. LeAnn was with her husband Eddie Cibrian when she had a nasty run in with her arch nemesis, and some serious shade was thrown. Let’s be grateful that neither woman found a baseball bat!

March 4, 2013
LeAnn Rimes Not Pregnant

LeAnn Rimes Denies Pregnancy Reports

The country singer is denying that she’s pregnant with her first child, but a source close to the singer reveals to EXCLUSIVELY that she’s definitely trying for a baby! Read on for more details.

LeAnn Rimes may be ready to have kids of her own with husband Eddie Cibrian, but the Borrowed singer will have to wait a little bit longer — she’s denying that she’s with child.

February 21, 2013

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