Cynthia Cook

News Writer

Cynthia is a news writer for HollywoodLife’s based in New York City. Cynthia was lucky to grow up during the Us Weekly mid-aughts (under Bonnie’s tenure!) — a golden age that undoubtedly prepared her for reporting on the chaos of the celebrity zeitgeist. After graduating with a BA in English, French, and Film from Ohio University, Cynthia got to flex her fashion obsession while interning at Vogue and further perfected her writing craft with an MFA from Columbia College Chicago. She then interned and wrote for numerous places like The Dissolve, Time Out Chicago, Jezebel, Reality Blurb, and more. Now focused on writing about entertainment and culture, Cynthia loves bringing her mix of expertise to the HL table, from Bravo punditry to deciphering Kim K’s latest designer flex to deep dives on film directors around the trailer drop of a new movie.

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