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Pretty Little Liars Aria Ezra

‘Pretty Little Liars': Is Aria Better Off Without Ezra?

4 months ago 2
This is something we never thought we'd say! After several seasons of rooting for the relationship of Ezra and Aria to triumph on 'Pretty Little… Read Article ▶
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Aria Letter Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ First Look: Ezra Gives Aria The Cold Shoulder – Watch

4 months ago 4
Talk about an icy cold reception! In last week's crazy episode of 'Pretty Little Liars,' we saw Aria basically throw Ezra under the bus, and it looks… Read Article ▶
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Pretty Little Liars Aria Ezra Relationship

‘PLL’ Relationship Update: Aria & Ezra Breaking Up After The Holidays?

5 months ago 3
The liars spent Christmas together with their significant others, only to have their holy night disrupted by 'A,' but what does the future hold for… Read Article ▶
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Pretty Little Liars Christmas

‘PLL': Ezra Gives Aria A Sexy Surprise On Christmas — Watch

6 months ago 1
The liars are finally coming back, but it's probably not going to be the happiest of holidays. 'A' will haunt Rosewood on the 'Pretty Little Liars'… Read Article ▶
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Pretty Little Liars Ezria Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale Gushes On Her Most Romantic Ezria Moments — Watch

11 months ago 4
Lucy Hale may have just split from real-life boyfriend Joel Crouse, but on-camera, she has more than enough love to keep her busy! Click to WATCH… Read Article ▶
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Shay Mitchell Ian Harding Instagram

Shay Mitchell Posts Hilarious Pic Of Ian Harding — Flirting On Instagram?

11 months ago 0
The cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' is super close, but it seems like Shay Mitchell and Ian Harding may closer than we may have thought! Sorry Aria… Read Article ▶
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Pretty Little Liars Aria Ezra

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 5 Spoilers: Are Aria & Ezra Together?

12 months ago 11
'Pretty Little Liars' is back on Tuesday, June 10, and to celebrate the big Season 5 return, will be posting an EXCLUSIVE story… Read Article ▶
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Hottest Guys Summer TV Pics

Summer TV Hunks 2014: Justin Bieber, Tyler Hoechlin & More — Pics

12 months ago 43
Browse our pics of summer's hottest TV hunks and then vote for your favorite! They're the guys that make the blazing hot temperatures worth it… Read Article ▶
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Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale

‘Pretty Little Liars': Lucy Hale Reveals All About Ezra & Aria

1 year ago 6
Lucy Hale must be quite sad about the 'Pretty Little Liars' season finale, which put Ezria is major jeopardy! Why? Because Ezra was shot! We caught… Read Article ▶
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Pretty Little Liars Finale Ezra Aria Love Triangle

‘Pretty Little Liars': Ezra, Aria & Alison Love Triangle In Season 5?

1 year ago 5
'Pretty Little Liars' took their season finale to all new heights on March 18 when Ezra was shot on a rooftop! EXCLUSIVELY spoke… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family
Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap Ezra Gets Shot

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Recap: [SPOILER] Gets Shot

1 year ago 36
On the finale of 'Pretty Little Liars,' Alison reveals exactly what happened on the night of her disappearance, and someone gets shot! The season… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC Family
Pretty Little Liars Mrs. DiLaurentis A

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Shocking New ‘A’ Is Revealed

1 year ago 22
It was a therapeutic night on 'Pretty Little Liars' as Aria finally confronted her Ezra-demon, Spencer confronted her drug-demon, Emily confronted… Read Article ▶
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