‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Recap: [SPOILER] Gets Shot

On the finale of 'Pretty Little Liars,' Alison reveals exactly what happened on the night of her disappearance, and someone gets shot! The season four finale of Pretty Little Liars was the episode that fans have been waiting for. Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) finally explained four years worth of secrecy in just one hour. Shocking confessions, more "A" mystery, and a shooting all happened in this jam-packed finale -- and we may never recover. Let's get to it!

Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap Ezra Gets Shot
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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Ezra Gets Shot

Let’s take some deep breaths, shall we? Because Ali is about to tell us everything, and loyal fans have been waiting a long time for this.

The gang was all in the same room and it was time for Ali to tell all. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) were all met by Noel (Brant Daugherty), who was basically serving as a guard dog for Ali.

When Ali walked into the room, Hanna said what we’ve all been thinking: “I want to hug you and slap you at the same time. Alison was ready to reveal everything, but she needed the Liars’ help or she would have to disappear — this time, for good. Unfortunately, they all thought “A” was Ali’s mom, even Alison herself! (What a bummer.)

Meanwhile, Gabriel (Sean Faris) was interrogating CeCe (Vanessa Ray) about the death of Wilden (Bryce Johnson). Gabriel told her that if she didn’t open up that he had an eyewitness ready to take her down. CeCe believed she had something better for Gabriel: she knew who killed the girl he thought was Ali. Gabriel spent most of the episode floating around the station and interrogating the Hastings clan, including Melissa (Torrey DeVitto)! While talking to Melissa, Peter (Nolan North) pretty much let it slip that he thought Spencer killed the girl they thought was Ali. However, Melissa whispered something in Peter’s ear, which none of us could hear. (Way to leave us hanging, show!)

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Alison Tells All

In the beginning of Ali’s story time, we traveled back to when Melissa was freaking about Ian (Ryan Merriman) and Ali. Melissa threatened Ian that if he saw Ali again that someone was going to get hurt (i.e. Ali). Ali was there to get away from “A” and left with the videos to use as ammunition.

Ali took the videos to Jenna (Tammin Sursok), whom she thought was blackmailing her. “If I get one more threat, I’ll bury you,” Ali told Jenna. However, as soon as she left Jenna’s house, Ali got another spooky text from “A.” That ruled Jenna out. “I’m everywhere and soon you’ll be nowhere,” the cryptic message said. That night, Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) didn’t want Ali going out with the girls, especially since she thought Spencer was her daughter’s bully.

As we all know, Ali snuck out that night and it changed everything. Ali drugged the girls and by having them all zonked out, she could rule them out as “A.” She texted Ian to meet her at Kissing Rock, but before all that, she met up with EZRA (Ian Harding)!

At this point, Aria was wholly invested. She wanted to know if Ezra had been telling her the truth. Ali met Ezra at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was pretending to be roommates with CeCe. She spotted Ezra reading Tender is the Night and quickly Sparknoted the classic in order to get her flirt on. (Nicely done, Ali.)

Apparently, Ali reminded him of Holly Golightly and he wanted to write a story about her. Cut back to the infamous night and Ezra was furious at Ali for lying about her age. He liked her, but had to cut it off. (Oh, the irony.) As soon as Ali said goodbye to Ezra, she met up with Ian. Ali told him he was going to jail for the tapes — she believed that either Ian or Melissa were blackmailing her and she was D-O-N-E. Ian tried to scare her by saying there were things on the tapes that could destroy everyone, but this only increased Ali’s worry by proving he wasn’t “A.”

When Ali went back to the barn, Spencer was waiting for her. They fought and when Spencer tried to threaten Ali with a shovel, her pill bottle fell to the ground. Spencer pleaded with Ali to keep the secret about her addiction. Ali promised Spencer she wouldn’t tell and she put Spencer to bed — for real this time. Ali also confirmed that Spencer didn’t kill the other girl, much to our relief.  The last person Ali met up with was Byron (Chad Lowe). She let him know that she had the tapes proving his affair, but there wasn’t much shock in that — been there, done that.

Ali headed home thinking she’d won, but her victory was cut short when she was hit over the head with a rock! Mrs. DiLaurentis was distraught at what she’d seen, but didn’t call the police. She decided to bury Ali instead, unknowingly burying Ali alive! (Seriously, if I thought my daughter was dead, I’d be checking her pulse for at least 20 minutes. Or, I don’t know, I’d call an ambulance? Shame on you, Jessica DiLaurentis.) While she was burying her daughter, Mrs. DiLaurentis kept saying, “What have you done?” This led the girls to believe she was covering for someone.

Ali crawled her way out of her grave and Mona (Janel Parrish) found her walking along the road. She took Ali in and persuaded her to run away. Ali played right into Mona’s hands. (Ugh, Mona, you suck.)

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: ‘A’ Is For Action

“I don’t think we will figure this out tonight,” Spencer said, which sums up the feelings of every Pretty Little Liars fan before each episode airs. The girls tried to convince Ali not to leave and she really couldn’t because the police were searching the area around The Mockingbird. However, it wasn’t just the police. “A” shot through the glass and walked through ready to take the girls down. All of the girls freaked out and ran up to the roof. (Number one rule of all TV shows and movies: never go up to the roof! Nothing good ever happens there!)

Emily came up with the bright idea to jump across to another building, but that idea was quickly shot down. (Not all of us are athletes, Emily.) The girls were cornered and “A” was seconds away. Fortunately, Ezra came to their rescue. He attacked “A” and Hanna managed to get the gun. They all screamed at “A” to take off the mask, but “A” jumped across to the next building. Why did you not just shoot “A,” Hanna?!

I can’t worry about Hanna’s poor decision-making because we’ve got bigger problems — during his scuffle with “A,” Ezra managed to get shot! Aria, out of her mind with worry, told Ezra to hold on! (OK, we were out of our minds with worry, too.) Everything came full circle considering Ali had told Aria earlier about Ezra trying to save Ali to win Aria’s love back. Ezra may have succeeded in winning Aria back, but he may not get to see it through! (I’m going to need a prayer circle, STAT.)

In the final seconds of the episode, we were also greeted with another problem: “A” was seen burying Mrs. DiLaurentis! Is Alison’s mother really dead or is she following in her daughter’s footsteps?

What did you think of the Pretty Little Liars finale, HollywoodLifers? What did you think of Ali’s tell-all? Is Ezra going to die? Is Mrs. DiLaurentis really dead? And the most important question of all — who is “A?!” Vote and comment below!

— Avery Thompson

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