‘Pretty Little Liars’: Did Ian Harding Just Reveal Aria & Ezra Will Get Married? — Pic

Are Ezra and Aria going to get hitched, even after Nicole returned for the dead? Ian Harding posted a jaw-dropping Instagram photo that makes it seem like Ezria will make it down the aisle on 'Pretty Little Liars' after all. Click to see the photo!

Aria Ezra Wedding Pretty Little Liars
Image Credit: Image Courtesy of Freeform/Instagram

Okay, so here is what’s going on. Ian Harding, 30, posted a photo of Lucy Hale, 27, on his Instagram account. At first glance, it seems like the photo is just a candid snap of his co-star. But upon further examination, the photo teases the big Ezria wedding!

First off, Lucy is sporting a very bridal-esque up-do. There’s also a little bit of white tulle poking out behind her head. Could this be a wedding veil? Probably! Lucy is completely covered up with a letterman jacket. While she could have been very cold, why else would she be hiding what’s wearing unless it’s a wedding dress! That’s not a spoiler she could give away now!

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In the bottom left corner of the photo, there’s a bit of what she’s wearing showing. What Lucy’s wearing is both white and sparkly. Her wedding dress, perhaps? Brb, SCREAMING!

So this isn’t a confirmation that Ezra and Aria will get married. Anything can happen on Pretty Little Liars. It could be a dream sequence for all we know. At the end of last season, Ezra and Aria’s engagement ventured into unknown territory when Ezra found out that his long lost love Nicole was still alive.

We won’t know what happens until April 2017, but we can keep the theories coming until then. Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King did tell TV Guide that there would be more than one wedding in 7B. One of them totally has to be Ezria’s nuptials.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Aria and Ezra get married? Let us know!

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